Is Social Media Stealing Your Joy?

Is Social Media Stealing Your Joy?





by Beautifully Said Team


Do you relate to your friend’s social media posts? 


Are you letting social media steal your joy? How do you really feel when your friends post something great on social media, but you are unable to relate? For instance, one of your friends posted they just got engaged and you haven’t had one successful date this year. Another friend posted they received a promotion and you are still stuck in the same old job. And then there’s the friend who posted they went on vacation and you can’t remember the last time you traveled. 


What do you do when you find yourself unable to relate to your friend’s social media posts? Here are a few tips to help us with our well-being in this social era we live in.


  • Social media (soul) search – Ask yourself why your friends posts makes you feel inadequate. A quick suggestion is to focus your attention on something positive in your own life and begin to celebrate it.


  • Follow positivity – Connect to people who post positive messages that help you feel good about yourself while working on your personal/ professional goals.


  • Like, love emoji button – Find a common interest you share with your social media circle. The more you interact with your friends the more you find out. If you like to bake and notice some of your friends share the same interest, don’t be afraid to like, love or use emojis to show your commonality. Hey you might even be able to swap recipes for fun.


  • Log off – If you still find yourself not being able to celebrate your friends post because you can’t relate, it may be time for a social media detox or like some would call it, “going of the grid”. It may be necessary to log off completely to focus on your own well-being. And besides, there is nothing like living life in real-time. When you do decide to return to social media, you will have lots to post and celebrate.


Remember social media is not the entire story of someone’s life. People only post what they feel comfortable sharing. We all know that no matter how exciting or beautiful our friends posts are nothing we do is perfect.


What is the longest time you have stayed off social media?



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