Janet Jackson Is Back!!!

Janet Jackson Is Back!!!





By Beautifully Said Team


If you have recently listened to Janet’s new single “No Sleeep,” you are likely thinking the same thing, the sultry slow-jam reminds us of the old Janet we love. Her absence left a visible void in the music industry leaving many of Janet’s fans gushing over her newest single. What’s even better? Her new album— Unbreakable is set for release in the fall of 2015. Let’s not stop there, Ms. Jackson kicks off the Unbreakable tour in late August in Vancouver.  She will play 36 dates in 32 cities worldwide. One of the greatest entertainers over the past 3 decades will give this nation plenty of rhythm. Control…look what we’ve got!  Okay, maybe we’re the one’s excited with our attempt to infuse a couple of Janet’s songs in a sentence. In all, it’s great to have her back!


Who’s excited for Janet’s music return?  Also, tell us what you think of the new single.


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