Leon Star of “Cool Runnings” on the Movie’s 25th Anniversary

Leon Star of “Cool Runnings” on the Movie’s 25th Anniversary

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Who remembers the movie Cool Runnings. The film that included actors Malik Yoba and Leon Robinson. We caught up with Leon during a telephone conversation where he recently was apart of the Capital City Black Film Festival to celebrate the movie’s 25th Anniversary. He’s also got new music with his band Leon and the Peoples. Read more here.     


What does the movie Cool Runnings mean to the actor 25 years later?  

To be apart of something black that resonates for decades is all you can really ask for as an actor. For me, the most important thing to do out of all the things I do, is to do work that last beyond its time. Anytime I am able to make a film, television show or music that goes from generation to generation I feel truly blessed. 


Leon schools us as to whether or not he had any bobsled experience prior to filming. 

Come on now! Are you serious (laughs). What negro you know grows up bobsledding? laughter…

I had no bobsledding experience and neither did the Jamaicans on set (laughs). 


Leon Star of "Cool Running's" on the Movie's 25th Anniversary

Leon at the Capital City Film Festival in Austin, TX—September 1, 2018


On why younger audiences have always been involved with the movie’s legacy.

The movie Cool Runnings is a family film that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s a film parents grew up on and they can’t wait to show their kids. And the kids love it!  I called my best friend and business partner the other day he was telling me his 11 year-old daughter had watched the movie three times in one day. 


Upcoming projects…

I have two television series coming out where I also serve as executive producer. One is called A Luv Tale— it’s like Sex and the City, but takes place in Harlem and the other one is 40 & Single —an international TV series filmed in Accra, Ghana to air on the UMC Channel with a September 25, premiere at the L.A. Film Festival. I filmed a movie called Her Only Choice that will premiere in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My band Leon & The Peoples debuted new music “Love is a Beautiful Thing” on iTunes now and we have several concerts lined up in the coming weeks along with a tour.


Things he likes to do in his downtime…

The actor— who starred in other great movie classics like “The Five Heartbeats” and “The Temptations” shares… “He likes to drop in on college classes as a thing to do.” Sometimes he’ll sit and visit and other times— he’s known to get in front of the class and speak. His most recent visit was to the University of Texas at Austin (Moody College of Communication). 


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