Look beyond & Into The Soul

Look beyond & Into The Soul

Photo: artbrains.tumblr.com

by Simone Carter



For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” Audrey Hepburn


Beauty is beyond what the eyes can see and when I look in the mirror I see beauty oh so skin deep. Dripping in melanin only allowing your beautiful lips to speak words of kindness, words of empowerment for the golden woman standing on a mountain so high for all can see. Her walk poisons the ignorant while enticing the curious women lost at sea, drawing them in and getting them prepped to step into the position of the queen they were always meant to be.

Beautiful eyes, look within to see the luscious melanin dripping so deep within. A queen of poise and a woman of integrity so eager to spread knowledge that we are stronger in numbers and boldness starts within.

Full lipped queen empowering everyone she comes encountered with speaks a truth, speaks purpose and speaks words, full of love. We are to acknowledge beauty we see dancing in the souls of our sisters. Go ahead and be awaken by the truth that a true queen dripping in melanin walks proudly spreading the word on how beauty so skin deep is the weapon of peace and massive confidence.

Beauty is beyond what the eyes can see. Remember when you gaze into the mirror that you are never alone but someone who is destined to be great.  Awaken the Queen and speak kind words of peace empowering yourself to walk with poise for all to see.


Simone Carter is a graduate from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & Advertising.  She is currently a Graduate student at Northwestern University Health Communications program.  Recently she launched Symone’s Spoken Fashion Blog to help empower all women because she believes fashion starts by you accepting the skin you are in so you can slay in the nakedness of your soul. She is a freelance writer for Sistah’s Place, Maya’s Blog Showcase and Beautifully Said Magazine.  Simone is co-partner to Sistah’s Creative Media. 

Website:  www.simonesdigitalworld.com

Twitter: @Symones_World

IG: @SpokenFashion





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