Makayla Lysiak: The Latest Young Actress On The Rise

Makayla Lysiak: The Latest Young Actress On The Rise

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By Sydney M.


MAKAYLA LYSIAK stars in the Stephen King thriller “Mr. Mercedes.” The hit series seen on the Audience Network, returned for its second season on August 22.

At just 14 years-old, Makayla is already making a name for herself appearing in top-notch projects like Parenthood, The Last Ship and The New Girl. She is definitely becoming the latest young actress on the rise.  


How did it feel when you got your first acting gig?

I was ecstatic! Becoming an actress was something I’ve always wanted to do so the opportunity to actually perform and watch myself on network TV was a dream come true.


What do you like most about your role as Barbara Robinson in the television series “Mr. Mercedes”?

My favorite part about playing Barbara Robinson on Mr. Mercedes is getting to work with so many talented actors (Jharrel Jerome, Holland Taylor, Brendan Gleeson, etc). They made it easier to feel more immersed in the scene. I also got to learn a handful of great career advice.


What made you try out for your school play as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

I auditioned for my school play The Wizard of Oz because it sounded fun and all my friends were doing it. Little did I know that experience would have me develop a strong passion for the craft of acting.


What was it like meeting other famous actors?

It’s super surreal meeting people you see on TV or in magazines in person. I always get intimidated and starstruck at first. Luckily, everyone I’ve worked with has been so humble and welcoming towards me.


What advice do you have for an upcoming actor/actress?

To anyone that wants to become an actor or who is already in the business, I say keep pushing and keep trying. It’s tough and you can feel discouraged at times. Let your passion and determination get you through the obstacles.


What do you like to do for fun when you are not acting?

When I’m not acting I like to do other things I enjoy. I love to sing, paint, draw, write, make videos, watch movies, practice piano, read scripts, watch interviews, the list goes on. But you’ll most likely catch me doing a lot of school work in my free time.


Watch Mr. Mercedes, Wednesday at 10PM on AT&T Audience Network



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