Maxwell New Album ‘blackSUMMERS’night

Maxwell New Album ‘blackSUMMERS’night

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It’s been seven years since Maxwell released music filled with his signature melodic ballads. blackSUMMERS’night is the follow-up to the first album BLACKsummers’night (same title but different capitalization) for his trilogy.

Maxwell is a timeless artist. No matter the span in which he is absent from music, his songs play well long after its release. The concept of the trilogy is loosely based on the story of a night out with a woman named Black Summers. The first album dealt with the strains of relationships but his recent work infuses a few uptempo tunes with the theme of romance still present in the other cuts.

Asked recently about relationships on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Maxwell acknowledged the time and attention a man should give to a special lady, something that is not easily done when an artist is passionate about their music and delivering to their fans. At forty-three he’s never been married and he doesn’t give away much personal information in interviews on how he spends his time away from the music…hmm, maybe that’s when his lady-love receives his undivided attention. In fact, his loyal fan base is highly supported by women who help his albums to go platinum in a world where music is not regarded the same as a decade or two ago.

It’s great to have Maxwell back on the music scene where once more we get to enjoy the sounds of an artist who brews his music to the perfection of his fans. An artistic legacy where the youngest can appreciate a different sound other than rap and grown folks can enjoy real instruments played in accompaniment with a voice who sings about the compatibility of love and relationships.

Maxwell has one more album to round out the trilogy. We’ll enjoy this one for now and hope it’s not another 7 years before the next.


blackSUMMERS’night Available on iTunes July, 1




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