Meet Lillie Mae: An Entrepreneur With A Network For Female Visionaries

Meet Lillie Mae: An Entrepreneur With A Network For Female Visionaries

Lillie Mae is the owner of GlambitiousIAM based in Atlanta, GA. The brand provides a network for female visionaries. Photo credit: Christopher Jones of @iamyourphotographer


by Beautifully Said Team


Lillie Mae is an entrepreneur who created the company GlambitiousIAM, a network for female visionaries. She also directs the Facebook group “Business Belle” for ambitious women that embrace their greatness and pursue their passions! The group provides professional resources, business coaching and promotional opportunities. Lillie shares with Beautifully Said Magazine the reasons she started her business and the quote (mantra) that motivates her. Read more here. 


How did you get into your business?


While studying at UNC Chapel Hill, I acquired internships in the Public Relations departments of Universal-Motown Records and Atlantic Records.  These experiences solidified my interest in the PR industry, and once I relocated to Atlanta after college I hit the ground running!


How do you handle stress in your industry? 


Whenever I feel overwhelmed I allow myself time for a brief mental break to meditate, listen to a podcast or read a book.  Once I’ve calmed down, I take the top 2-3 items on my to-do list and focus on that specifically.  Often times stress comes from having too much on our to-do list, and we have to reorganize our approach to handling that workload. 



What is the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome since becoming a business owner? 
When I first started my business, I felt the need to model it after other businesses in the industry.  I now fully embrace my own unique professional flare when working with clients and feel very confident doing so.  


What is the biggest achievement you’ve accomplished with your business?
Being a full-time entrepreneur for over 7 years is a huge accomplishment to me.  Having the capacity to live and thrive off of my own business efforts is something I am extremely proud of.


In your opinion, what is the key to success?
Passion is the key to success.  When you are passionate about something you will give it your all, never quit and enjoy a sense of fulfillment that is not money-related.  


What is a quote/mantra that motivates you?
“God is within her, she cannot fall” (Psalm 46:5)



What was your last google search? 

Flights to New Orleans for the Glambitious All White Brunch that I’m hosting during Essence Festival this year! Through we host empowerment events around the country and definitely invite the readers to join us this summer (  For event updates, business tips and other entrepreneur opportunities, be sure to connect with me on Instagram @GlambitiousIAM and through my “Business Belle” Facebook group! 


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