Meet Sand Brumfield, Founder of Permanent Envy

Meet Sand Brumfield, Founder of Permanent Envy

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Sand Brumfield enjoys running her own business. As Founder and CEO of a company where the focus is to make clients look and feel their best, the Registered Nurse sees a similarity between her previous profession and what she does now. 


Tell us about your company Permanent Envy. When and Why did you start the business?

Permanent Envy Aesthetics focuses on creating natural semi-permanent makeup for the diva on the go. I started this company in early 2016 after meeting so many ladies that were dealing with the same problem I once had, uncooperative eyebrows. I started microblading my eyebrows in 2012 when I decided I was fed up with drawing them in daily due to thinning. Before starting my business, I was a Registered Nurse for 20 years. I have always loved the art of beauty as well as caring for others. Once I discovered how semi-permanent makeup truly changes lives, I decided to blend my clinical skills with my creative skills. People get semi-permanent makeup for many reasons, illness being one. I am so glad that I can still make a difference while enjoying yet, another one of my passions.  

Meet Sand Brumfield - Founder of Permanent Envy


What has been both a challenge and reward working as an entrepreneur?

Getting the company grounded has been one of my biggest challenges. I strive daily to establish a good marketing approach that represents me and my company in its best fashion.

My greatest reward is seeing my clients happy post procedures. I enjoy hearing my clients tell me how my services have made a great difference in their daily regimen. It is also rewarding to be able to give my clients the assurance of being in the hands of a healthcare professional.  I must not forget the other reward…being able to tailor my schedule to fit my family needs.


Can you recall a funny incident that has happened to you so far while in business?

As I was doing a client’s eyebrow procedure, I began to hear snoring sounds. I soon discovered that she was the first and the last client that fell asleep on my table! I was truly amused but soon found out that she felt so comfortable under my care that she decided to catch up on some well needed Zzzzzs…lol.


How important is it for family to be involved in what you do?

From day one I have always included my family in this business. I appreciate my spouse and children’s input, it is important to me. When the family is involved, it helps everyone understand what’s fully needed to run a successful company. Having my children involved will help them see that their dreams are possible if they put forth the effort.


What advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs?

First and foremost, do not compare your skill level to others. Take your time and build your brand day by day. Keep it personable with your clients, don’t be so eager to get to the next sale. Your clients will appreciate you for that. No need to rush, direction is more important than speed. If you are passionate about your company, it will show and blossom in due time!


Contact info:

346-800-ENVY (3689)



Sand Brumfield is a licensed professional certified in permanent cosmetics. She resides in the Houston area with her husband and children.

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