Meet Toni Harris Taylor – Serial Entrepreneur Launches New Summit To Influence Future Millionaires

Meet Toni Harris Taylor – Serial Entrepreneur Launches New Summit To Influence Future Millionaires

Toni Harris Taylor (Sales & Marketing Coach/Speaker/Author)





Toni Harris Taylor wants entrepreneurs to reap the benefits while taking huge career-driven risks in 2018. As founder of the company Drastic Steps Marketing, she teaches new business owners how to make six figures. The sales & marketing coach, speaker and author will celebrate International Networking week with the launch of Houston’s first “Zero to 100K Success Summit” February 8-10. The mission: Get Known, Get Connected, Get Paid. Something Harris says, “Entrepreneurs especially women have set limitations when it comes to marketing and sales.” adding, “We give naturally and want others to like us, but we hold back and second guess ourselves.” It’s one of the reasons Harris decided to coordinate a coaching program (at the summit) to help entrepreneurs see drastic results in their business. By building more confidence, connections and cash, her proven relationship-sales model has helped many professionals learn the importance of joining with the right source. “It’s relationship after relationship that opens the door to success” states Harris.  She says, “Although what you know is important, the ‘who’ you know will take you a lot further. This success summit teaches people the importance of investing time into ‘who’ you know and the power of networking.” Harris recognizes some entrepreneurs are still challenged when it comes to valuing themselves in business. “You have to get out of your comfort zone and ask for the money,” she says. Simple? Yes, according to the marketing CEO. “It comes down to worth and knowing that you know what you know!” she adds, “Entrepreneurs should not compare themselves to others but instead know their own value.” and, It’s a primary reason Harris says, “People should attend the summit. 


The three-day Zero to 100K Success Summit takes place Feb. 8 – 10 at the Houston Food Bank from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. Visit Drastic Steps Marketing for more details.  


Toni Harris Taylor is a Speaker, Certified Sales & Marketing Coach and Author with more than 27 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In addition, Harris has a BS degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Adult Education and Training. Starting her own home-based business in 2012, Harris shares the strategies she’s used to grow her business, network nationally and internationally while helping her entrepreneur and sales professional clients to also achieve six figures in record time.
Source: Ciara Suesberry

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