Meka Diamond: Local Entrepreneur Giving Back To The Community

Meka Diamond: Local Entrepreneur Giving Back To The Community

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Meka Diamond is the driving force behind many growth opportunities in the Alief area of Houston, Texas. The entrepreneur is active in the same community where she lost a family member years ago by giving back to the youth there. A woman who wears many hats she once served as New Edition’s fashion stylist on their Road To The 30th Tour. Meka shares in her interview with Beautifully Said what is a great strength and challenge as a business owner and why social media is important to use as a platform for others to follow.


You are the founder of the consulting firm V’Zable Evidence. How did you come up with the name?

V’Zable Evidence name originated over 20 years ago.  When choosing a business name I wanted a name that was broad and would be able to be utilized for several businesses underneath a large umbrella.  The word “Vizable” means to be seen, and “Evidence” is something shown or true. It is a  combination of my work ethic and why the business name fits perfectly.


What are some of the services the company provides?  We provide event planning, marketing, strategic planning, & community outreach.


Recall your greatest challenge and reward as an entrepreneur? 

My greatest challenge as an entrepreneur would be me wanting to clone myself (lol).  Being that I’m unable to do so it’s difficult to release some of my projects to others.  As a business owner, you want to find the perfect fit that will do the job in mirror image, or have the same if not more of a creative mindset.  It’s very difficult to release tasks, so in this case, you take on the responsibility of handling it yourself. Now that I have grown so much in business it’s very difficult to wear the many hats I wear because of this challenge.


A great strength of an entrepreneur is to know when to ask for help because we can not do it alone. How necessary is it for you to have the right team of people around to make your business successful? 

It is VERY necessary to find the right team. Which is one of the reasons I’m very careful when choosing people to do certain things. It is difficult to find the right group of people with different views, backgrounds to coexist. My challenge is the right team that I have now are all building their own team.  Most of them are building brands as well. In this case, I’m unable to utilize them as much as I would want to.  The supportive team that I have are all goal setting entrepreneurs which is great, but the flipside of that is I have to be mindful this is only temporary because of the growth and success of their individual businesses. I believe a great team provides longevity, and that’s what I’m in search of.  Those who will be passionate about “our” business not just for the financial piece, but because it will be set apart by being high in clarity and extremely rare.


You are very active in the community where you grew up? Why is this important to you as a business leader?

I lost my only brother at the age of 22 years old by violence in the same community that I give back to.  One of the reasons is there was a lifestyle I never knew he lived, but I knew that our community changed.  I didn’t want his life to go in vain, and I wanted to give back in order to show the youth that even though their surroundings are violent there is a better way of life.


What are some of the ways in which you are reaching out? 

There is a strong alumni in Alief that has supported me since the inception of the organization “Alief Really Cares”.  To God be the glory! Most have genuine love for me, the community, what my focus is, and being able to see the changes and want more for the youth.  Our organization has done fundraisers with the Alief Independent School District in order to raise uniforms and scholarships for graduates by joining forces with the AISD Superintendent and staff. We have also used Alief Love the original Alief Tee’s company for fundraisers, as well as helping to rebuild parks in areas of Alief that were centered around drugs, gangs, and more.


As women business leaders we often mentor unintentionally through our daily activities running the company. This we say because there is someone always watching even when we don’t know it. How are you mindful of being an example to young girls and women who want to become entrepreneurs?  

I am very mindful of those watching.  This is why my character has built long lasting relationships. I’m constantly mentoring, motivating or encouraging someone to be better.  I’ve been a facilitator of a girl’s etiquette program for going on 7 years now. With this leadership role, it taught me to be mindful.  Not only for young women but those who see me socially and thrive off my accomplishments. You live a life of not wanting to disappoint. Am I saying I want to live a perfect life or wanting those to view me as perfect? Of course not, but what I do want from those who watch is to remember wherever I was or am in life, my works, my encouragement, my mentorship, and my genuine love for the growth of people.


What would you say is your platform on social media as it relates to being a woman entrepreneur?

I use social media platforms for just that.  I don’t use it for mess, gossip, or anything that will promote negative energy.  I’ve grown to a level of maturity due to life challenges. Socially for me, it’s utilized for building brands.  Brand building is important and social media in today’s world ranks the highest when wanting to grow businesses. As a woman building relationships with consumers as well as like-minded entrepreneurs, I think that is very powerful.


What’s next for V’Zable Evidence?

V’Zable Evidence has a lot of great projects in the works.  The company has connected with so many entrepreneurs who are eager and excited to grow.  I’ve started a “Bizz Sunday” project which is going great.  It allows like-minded entrepreneurs to join forces and network with one another along with building a large marketing strategy as a business coalition.  We also will be providing educational tools in order to create business longevity.  Our annual Alief Reunion Weekend will take place this summer with a centennial theme.  I’m also one of the operation, marketing leads for an upcoming play called “Secrets, Marriage, And Vows, and I’ve also spoken with Michael D. Moore owner of “The Potato Factory” and was asked to be a panelist in an upcoming project with recordings in the works.  I’m super excited about what’s in store.


Where can those interested in your company follow you? 

You can find me under my company name V’Zable Evidence by visiting the website or Facebook.




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