Miss USA and What it Means To Be Natural

Miss USA and What it Means To Be Natural

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by Shadana Chaney


It was a jaw dropper on Sunday night when the former Miss USA Deshauna Barber who is also a United States Veteran wore her natural hair as she walked the stage for the very last time before passing the crown to the new Miss USA Kara McCullough who is also African American.  Both women were shown wearing their natural hair. As a black woman with natural hair, it is very important to see a representation of natural hair on television especially when it’s not considered beautiful to mainstream media. The movement of natural hair has been going strong for the past five years and continuously growing. Don’t get me wrong lots of black women have always worn natural hair but the community of black women wearing their hair in its natural state has increased.

Some people don’t quite grasp the concept of why black women wear natural hair. This curiosity comes from all communities of women including some black women. The reason behind black women wearing their natural hair free of any chemical usage is to break away from the European beauty standards which include straight hair and blonde hair. For the longest time, white women were considered more attractive and white women’s hair types were seen as the standard of beautiful. The majority of white women have naturally straight hair. As far back stemming from slavery, black women’s hair was never seen as good-looking or accepted; this led to decades of black women trying to alter their looks to meet this European beauty standard.

Wearing hair in its natural state is more than a movement and a trend, it’s an actual lifestyle and takes time and work but as a person whose hair is natural, it’s definitely worth every minute.  I remember being one of those people who said I would never go natural and I’m two years in and I don’t ever see my hair being treated with chemicals. The feeling I have knowing that my beauty is raw, ordinary, and accepted within myself and not caring what others perceive me as is a great feeling. The sensation of being free is like no other and until one experiences it, you will never know.  I encourage more women to give it a shot and see the impression it has on you and how you may possibly change for the better. If you don’t like it, you can always transform back, but change is always good. As for myself, I can truly say that I am a free black woman.

Congratulations to the new Miss USA Kara McCullough and former Miss USA Deshauna Barber for showing that beauty comes in many different hair textures.

Miss USA and What it Means To Be Natural



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