Misty Copeland ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’ Documentary

Misty Copeland ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’ Documentary

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“A Ballerina’s Tale” gives a glimpse inside the journey of Misty Copeland, who recently became the first African-American principal dancer at NYC’s American Ballet Theatre and has achieved fame beyond the ballet world with her Under Armour ad campaign and starring role on Broadway. Her triumphs have also come with struggles because, as a 5’2” black woman who didn’t begin dance lessons until she was a teenager, she has never fit the mold of a perfect ballerina.


Misty’s “A Ballerina’s Tale” documentary is now in theatres but only Teen Vogue has an exclusive clip that didn’t appear in the original film. In the video clip, Misty describes her renewed focus on ballet when she realized her success was not only personal but meant something to the black community. She also reveals that insecurities over her body type led her to an unhealthy Krispy Kreme donut addiction.


The exclusive clip of “A Ballerina’s Tale” just went live on Teen Vogue’s channel on THE SCENE, the premiere digital video storytelling platform from Condé Nast Entertainment, and  YouTube.


Source: Condé Nast Entertainment

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