Trisha LaNae’ and Asha LaShae’ of Beautifully Said recently had the opportunity to speak with successful entrepreneur and author Keith Douglas.


TL: Hello Keith! Welcome to Beautifully Said Magazine.

KD: Hello how are you guys doing!

TL and AL: We are doing wonderful, Thank you!.

TL: You are originally from Chicago, IL but you are currently in Los Angeles.  You knew early on the path you wanted to take as far as your career and you have done many things to fulfill that dream, your latest accomplishment, your book, The Power To Get Wealth: No Money Required. Please tell us who your target audience is?

KD: What inspired me to write my book was my journey as a kid having a learning disability, Dyslexia and having to overcome a lot of the barriers that I went through to get me to where I am now. The passion and drive behind the book is my testimony and the things that I have been through in the past.

TL: Wow! What a testimony.  What are some of the reactions you have received from the title of your book? I ask this because you stated that “society is blinded by material wealth.” What is your definition of wealth?

KD: Well the definition of wealth is very simple. Wealth literally means all needs met, it has very little to do with money. For instance, if you lived in a one bedroom apartment, if you were homeless, if you had dreams and aspirations to do things in life and you know yourself and who you were- and whose you were, then you’re wealthy.

In today’s society people look at material things and sort of line material things up with whether they are whole or complete within themselves. People who have a lot of money as we see in the media everyday and I am not just generalizing, but a lot of people you see in the media today- you see with a bunch of money-but some are also caught up in scandals or these different things that are happening all the time. It looks like they have everything but they really do not have anything. Therefore, wealth literally means all needs met. Once you feel good about yourself and you have high self-esteem, then you are wealthy; It does not matter what your condition is. You have to approach it from a wealthy standpoint and if you approach it from a wealthy standpoint, you begin to realize that you will not be in that position too long.  Whether you’re homeless, you will not be in that position too long, whether you’re on a job you don’t desire, you will not be in that position too long because your attitude will determine your altitude.

TL: Keith you really touched on some pivotal points and it almost sounds as if you are saying to have wealth you have to be honest with yourself and your circumstances.  Many people today are living dishonestly and not being truthful in society and they are creating unhappiness.  Was this one of the motivations for your book?

KD: Yes, you know you are exactly right! What happens today is that as kids we are reared to go to school, to get as much education as we can, to get as much as we can-but we have to get back down to the basics and realize the little things in life that count- like family, a place to lay your head and food. We have to get back down to the necessities and not the accessories.

TL: You are so true in stating that and I wish that a lot more people would take on this way of thinking and living instead of being plagued by what they think society expects of them.

AL: You recently launched Speakers Bureau Institute also known as SBI which, caters to actors and entertainers to provide a platform for speaking engagement and appearances. What do you look for your organization to do for the media public?

KD: Well the main thing is this, we have a lot of actors and entertainers that may have had shows individually or may have been in the limelight individually. What happens is many times when these entertainers or actors are not in the limelight and their shows are no longer on air, there is a disconnection between them and their audience.  At SBI, we pretty much take the actor or entertainer and we help them to establish their brand, the brand that they have. We want to make sure that there is a connection between the entertainer/actor with their audience and that there is no go-between; therefore they can take their destiny in their own hands. That is the passion and main goal behind SBI.

AL: Ok, I really like that idea because it keeps them in the limelight; It keeps their fan base knowing exactly what is going on with them instead of having to wait to see when they will get the next movie or television appearance. I commend your efforts to create a platform to serve the purpose of helping actors and entertainers establish their brand.

Now about your book!  Will there be any promotional book signing that you are going to have available to the public?

KD: They can actually go to my website to see a full schedule  We have some tours planned and we have a lot of things planned for colleges and ministries and things of that sort.  I want to get the book everywhere because the main passion is to help primarily the youth an young adults and for them not to have a misperception of what wealth is.

AL: I am glad you touched on that because I was going to ask you about that as far as the youth. Sadly, the youth have gotten many misperceptions about wealth from watching television, music video’s and sort forth. It would be a good idea for them to be able to get the information themselves or to have a parent say, “Hey you need to read this!”  Just so that they will have something to go by. They need to know that wealth does not come by the things that they see usually displayed in the media.

KD: In adding to what you just said about the youth, primarily and sadly, we are living in a time where there is a so-called recession. People are in despair and there is very little hope. I hope that my book will actually help many people during this time by giving them a fresh, new look at things and building their self-esteem up. That is my main passion behind everything.

AL: That is good! I looked at many of the points you highlighted in the book especially, the power that we have and aligning with God; The vision that He gives us and being obedient to that!

What I have come to realize in my personal journey that once you know what God has given you; What he has equipped you with and realizing the power in that-and being obedient to his word;You begin to understand that your dreams and goals are reachable.

KD: Yes,  If I can just add that you know the Bible says, “Where there is no vision the people perish-Proverbs 29:18 (paraphrase). It does not say where there is no prayer, where there is no fasting, it says where there is no vision the people perish. Your vision will lead to your provision and where we are obedient God will give us the desires of our heart therefore, we have to be obedient! You also have to have communion and communication with God and when you are in communion and communication with God- He is going to give you all of your needs.

AL: Thank you for sharing that Keith and we too stand in agreement.

TL: Before we end this interview, I know that you are a family man. How do you balance all of the things going on in your life including family?

KD: You balance all of those things by being open and when I say open you have to be a willing vessel. My family is actually apart of what I am doing and I am apart of what my family is doing, so it is a family affair. My wife and I make sure that we spend quality time with one another and we make sure that we spend quality time with the kids. My family is behind this book and vice versa with the things that my wife is doing, and what my family is doing I am apart of that too.  It is a family affair and we stay open, there are no hidden agendas.

TL: Going back to your career as a successful entrepreneur and published author what advice do you have for those wanting to follow in the footsteps of Keith Douglas per say.

KD: You know, I would say that their dreams are not a figment of their imagination. I would tell them to hold on to any dream that they have or any vision that they have. The Bible pretty much is my base behind everything and the scripture pretty much tells us in-Ecclesiastes 9:11 (paraphrase) The race is not given to the swift, nor the strong but he who endures to the end. So I would tell people whatever dream you have, hold on to it and believe in it.  Don’t let anyone discourage you and try to get around people who know more and who are doing more, to help elevate self worth.

TL: Great advice Keith, thank you!

AL: Well Keith it has been a pleasure speaking with you. We are excited for you with your latest venture, The Power To Get Wealth: No Money Required and we hope that it brings the attention that you intended for it to be when you wrote the book. We wish you continued success on all of your future endeavors both professionally and personally.

KD: Thank you. I just want to thank both you ladies and wish that you guys have a successful future as well.  If there is anything I can do to help, I am open in doing so.

TL and AL: “Thank you once again Keith!”


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Interview courtesy of Alonda Thomas of FSU, Creative Artist Agency

Photo courtesy of: Bobby Quillard


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