Generating revenue through teenpreneurship and traditional summer jobs

In keeping with the summer months and all its possibilities, this is the season for teenpreneurship and summer jobs. Whether it is a lemonade stand, selling cookies, or applying for local jobs in your area, generating revenue for the summer months should be a rewarding yet educational experience.

Encourage your teens to utilize their gifts and talents by starting their own summer business or by saving money from a summer job.

If you have a child interested in working but they have not reached the legal workforce age, possibly make a suggestion to your HR department for your child to visit your workplace and volunteer their time. Think of it as a twist to “bring your child to work day” to” internship” for your child’s future. Volunteering can become a great resource to increase the work ethic of your children as they become older.

The outcome will be that your children would have learned a skill that they can utilize in their future even if they choose not to go in their parent’s line of work. Bottom line, through teenpreneurship, traditional summer jobs and internships we are teaching our children the value of hard work for a dollar earned and a dollar saved. Now we know its summer, so we will allow them a few dollars to indulge in their favorite (parental approved) activities…but parents make sure they save a portion of their summer earnings.


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