Dating in an Uncertain Economy


Things may be a little tight financially but do your date nights have to suffer in the process? Share your ideas on how you continue to maintain social activities on a limited budget.

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LaShonda Jackson It’s easy to spend money on dinner and a play; it takes more effort to be creative and be able to spend quality time together. Volunteer at a not for profit organization where you both share in giving back to others. It has its own reward. Then opt for a quiet home cooked meal you prepared together. I’m loving it!

Lucinda Shelby-Allen With kids in the house we try to go away for a couple of hours. There are discount movie nights and plenty of cheap happy hour places you can check out. Here in Oakland, Regal has movies for $5 every Tuesday and Sunday. So we get to see a great movie and maybe relax in an adult atmosphere for about $25!! And still play footsie under the table.

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