MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour with Founder Jalene Mack

MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour with Founder Jalene Mack

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 MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour 2015



Jalene Mack embodies everything she would like Houston to represent. An atmosphere of vast creativity and artistic expressions. She is an entertainment attorney, actress, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who is the founder of MPAC— Mack Performing Arts Collective. The non-profit organization is a One-Stop Interactive Resource that Promotes Community Outreach, Networking, and Education in Entertainment. Jalene shared with Beautifully Said Magazine how MPAC is here to serve the community.


Houston is not a traditional entertainment town”


 Jalene Mack discovered over the years that you have to bring the industry to your own doorstep.

Houston, TX., is the fourth-largest city, but is rapidly on its way to surpassing Chicago to eventually become the third. Though large, it is not regarded as a major entertainment hub such as other places like Atlanta, New York, Chicago, New Orleans or L.A. “Houston is not a traditional entertainment town. It’s a town that is still under the radar yet, there is so much talent that lives here,” Jalene expresses. It’s one of the reasons MPAC was created— to have a wealth of resources for local performers who don’t have to travel to other places to showcase their talents. Through the vision of Jalene and countless others on the MPAC team, Houston has become the launch city and model for the MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour.  The two-day event took place on Oct. 2nd and 3rd. It featured interactive workshops, celebrity and media personalities and a network dinner party. There are plans to expand to other major cities in the coming years, but for now, Jalene would like the future tours in Houston to include job fair expos and film and writing screenings.


Big names such as Rushion McDonald, Executive Producer of the daytime talk show “Steve Harvey” and Rickey Anderson, Harvey’s long-time attorney, helped to make the vision of the MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour a success. Jalene has a long-standing relationship with the two as they’ve worked together on various projects throughout the years. They enjoy the same circle of friends and both McDonald and Anderson had a huge hand in bringing a wonderful group of talent to this year’s event. I’m very excited and happy about the partnership,” says Jalene in describing their business relationship.


Speaking of relationships, we asked how she finds the time between preparing for a huge event and taking care of herself and family? “God knew what he was doing when he built women. We’re nurturers and it’s miraculous how we do it all,” she says with affirmation. “Our minds mentally adjust to carrying a load like our bodies do to motherhood. It’s all in God’s plan.”  Jalene says it also helps to write things down. She often finds herself doing so in the middle of the night. A list of ten items can quickly grow to five more from phone calls and meetings. Her resolve—I have to think to myself, I got through last week. I can get through another week as well.


Jalene thinks outside of the norm. She understands not everyone is a writer or into acting but, she believes everyone should experience something which brings them joy. She shares with us the story of deciding at the age of 30 that she would act. She explains she never wanted to deal with the “what ifs.” Jalene values her beautiful family unit, but she is honest when she acknowledges not going through life just as someone’s wife and mother. Expressing there is a place for an individual to do what makes them happy and stirs one’s passion. MPAC is Jalene’s passion. “It’s here to make an impact. I want it to be an event that people flock to every year. Something that will feed the economy, create talent pools and build up Houston.”


Building up is exactly what Jalene purposes to do daily. We challenged her to think of  a mock [impromptu] FB post for talented young women who don’t ordinarily receive support. Her advice: Value. Know you are worthy and have value, and the doubt goes away. Jalene likened these words to her own personal experience. “I didn’t realize people wanted to meet me. People who wanted to know what I did in my industry. Some were actually nervous in doing so,” she shares this realizing the talents we have can have a tremendous influence on others, and with the belief that sincerity can make all the difference when we meet someone. “I’m just Jalene,” she responds thoughtfully because she understands the impact MPAC has on a community of aspiring talents.


Jalene is thankful. She recognizes the important team of people who help her to carry out her mission. She acknowledges Gary B. Wilkins, Marchris Robinson, and Lynette D. Bratton as some of the people to help MPAC continue to move the city of Houston and beyond.


The MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour included services and products not offered through other outlets. The event provided:

  1. Scholarships offered to local high school students to attend the event for free
  2. Participants got the opportunity to receive one-on-one interactive exercises from entertainment personalities following workshop dialogues. Attendees also received real-life feedback and were able to pitch their ideas to such celebrities like Kym Whitley and Sherri Shepherd.
  3. Teachers and Lawyers obtain professional education hours (CPE) through the MPAC tour.


MPAC will continue to Cultivate the Interest of Performing Arts by Exposing, Educating, and Entertaining our Youth and Young Adults. Art is important. It expresses who we are. It creates and molds leaders. It is not limited to the stage. There are people in various professional genres who can benefit from an acting coach or speech class. It makes a difference when perhaps someone has to speak in front of a large crowd or command the room. “Remember, the late Ronald Reagan was an actor before he became President of the United States,” says Jalene. “There is something there!”


Yes. We agree. Thank you MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour for keeping art alive in the community.

MPAC Entertainment Empowerment Tour with Founder Jalene Mack



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