339ea0_e9d42697fedd4b59a59209ee8a17f0f1-mv2Many people experience seasons of brokenness. Gospel artist Jay Allen understands what it’s like to be broken. Inspired by his own challenging experiences, Jay Allen recently released his debut EP called Broken People. Through his music, the minister and former pastor desires to heal those who have been victimized by life. Read more of his story here↓


In 2016 you released your debut EP called Broken People. Please share with us why the message to heal those who have been victimized by life is so important to you? 


The message of hope for Broken People is so important to me because Jesus wants his people to realize you’re never too broken for him. He doesn’t discard you because of your brokenness; he desires to use your brokenness for his glory. His love is unconditional, unbiased, and available to those that are broken.


Where do you see gospel music today? Do you feel today’s gospel music helps to heal the broken people through song?


Gospel music today is no longer one dimensional; it is very diverse. It ministers to those in the body of Christ and those who may not even attend church. It’s quite different from the traditional and quartet styled gospel music I grew up listening to. Gospel music has always ministered to those who are hurting and the diversity of gospel music today reaches even more people.


In addition to your current EP do you currently have any new projects in the works?


God inspires me to continue to create music that glorifies Him. However, I am not recording at this present time. My main focus right now is to continue to push forward the message of the “Broken People” project.


If you had the opportunity to work with any gospel artist who would it be and why?


I would love to work with Fred Hammond. Fred’s music is smooth, inspiring, and it ministers. I believe he follows God and releases what the Lord gives him. I, also, had to trust God and release the songs that He had given me for the “Broken People” project.  


Why should people go out and get a copy of Broken People?


Broken People promotes a message of hope and the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ. It ministers about how brokenness doesn’t disqualify you from being used by God. It actually qualifies you to bring Him glory.


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View the concept music video for Broken People.

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