Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell talk Season 3 of Family Time

Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell talk Season 3 of Family Time

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Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell have great chemistry onscreen which brings lots of laughs on the set of their show Family Time. Beautifully Said Magazine spoke with the acting duo about the success of their sitcom.



La Trisha: Family Time premieres October 6 on Bounce TV. Tell us what the audience can expect for season 3?


Angell: We want to keep the show familiar like the first and second season. The fans have said they love and support the show so much because they can relate to it. We don’t want to veer too much from what we did before, but obviously we have some new guest stars. The audience will finally be able to see Anthony’s “Tony” character played by Omar, work place. There are new and different situations that arise and this will add more humor. We basically keep the comedy and with every season we get better and grow more.


Editor note: Omar was such a gentlemen during the interview. He insisted Angell go first answering our question. “Ladies first,” he said jokingly. He followed Angell’s response with, “That’s exactly what I was going to say [laughs].


La Trisha: What would you say is the main ingredient for making the show a success with the viewers?


Everybody plays the fool.” Get it?! Omar laughs as he references the 1972 hit by the Main Ingredient. His father was the lead singer for the R&B group.


Omar: I think what makes it work is that Angell and I have worked together and have known each other for so long. We have good chemistry and it shows on camera. A lot of people saw us together in the movie Baby Boy. They also saw me grow up on sitcoms doing comedy, I am just happy to be back at home, and working with Angell is always a treat.

This season, there is a lot of just me and Angell’s character [Lisa]. You don’t see the kids as much. The audience will see more of Lisa’s sisters and my friends. As Angell mentioned before, you’ll see more of my character as well as her character at work, but it still definitely has that family element in there and again, we have a lot of guests this season.


Now ya’ll got rid of the kids? You all can’t get rid of the kids now!” we chimed in. [everyone laughs].


La Tasha: You both have great acting resumes from different appearances on movies and television, but again, we fondly remember the two of you from Baby Boy. Were you cast in Family Time based on the chemistry you had in the movie? Was it easy to say yes and to working together again?


Omar: I don’t think that was the plan going in. I am actually dropping a bombshell here. Angell and I dated in the past and we didn’t tell the show creator Bentley Evans until after auditions. Bentley didn’t know how close we were until after he cast both of us in our roles. Angell auditioned first and then Bentley sent me over the script. It all happened in a weekend. I auditioned Friday, Saturday I got the call, and Sunday we started filming. We had the first season done by the end of the week. It happened really quickly.


Angell: We have maintained a good friendship even after our relationship which is a blessing because it could have been different [laughs]. It would have been awkward, but we genuinely like each other as human beings. Thank goodness for that.


La Tasha: Your background story just shows you’re both professional. We would have never known [laughs].


How do you two balance your personal family time?


Omar: I don’t. I come from a working family with my brother, Oscar Winning Actor, Cuba Gooding Jr., my dad, my mom…who is a manager, and my sister who does comedy. My girlfriend works and so our  schedules are different. It’s tough, but I really try to value the time we are all together like the holidays. Everybody is in the same spot at the same time catching up on everything. It’s like let’s sit and down and talk. Let’s put it this way, “I can’t wait until Thanksgiving!”


Tell Cuba we said hello!”


Omar: Absolutely!


Angell, you are also on the Young and Restless, How do balance both projects?


Angell: During season two of Family Time, I also had a lead story line with the Young & The Restless and it was tough. I really don’t know how I balance it all. It is God, prayer, and lots of water to stay hydrated. Honestly, I am not really great at balancing family because my family is in South Carolina, and I’m here. Traveling is actually not easy. One of my New Year resolutions was to find and create more balance. I have failed miserably [laughs]. I really just try to take things day by day by focusing on the task at hand.


La Tasha: As mentioned before, there are a lot of guest stars for season 3 like Salt N Pepa, Michelle Williams [Destiny’s Child], and Milika Haqq to name a few. What are you most looking forward to with the guest appearances?


Omar: We are looking forward to the fans reaction. There are also guest appearances by Mark Curry who I worked with on Hangin with Mr. Cooper, and Jason Weaver who I costarred with on the Smart Guy. We just want to see the fans feedback. We actually got to screen the Salt n Pepa episode which was awesome, and I wrote a lot of the jokes that made it into the show. It’s exciting and there is a lot of genuine funny stuff.


LaTrisha and La Tasha: We are glad that Family Time is around for people to watch because we need more family oriented sitcoms. We just want to say keep doing what you’re doing. We enjoy the show and we know the audience does as well.


Omar and Angell: We definitely appreciate it. Thank you!

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