Oprah Winfrey Interviews with the “Twins of Media”

Oprah Winfrey Interviews with the “Twins of Media”

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Oprah’s here! Oprah’s here! Were the sounds of the media talent on the red carpet as she made her grand entrance. “All hail the queen” it seemed was fitting for the media mogul. For many, she is the closest to royalty experienced. Surrounded by a group of people including security, it was the person who stood to her left that was most important. You see, Oprah was not in town to promote anything relating to OWN or a recent film. She was there to support Cheryl “Action” Jackson. A Dallas resident who on April 1, 2008, opened Minnie’s Food Pantry to serve their first meal in the community. Named after her mother Minnie Hawthorne Ewing, the national non-profit organization’s mission of feeding the hungry finally convinced longtime supporter (Oprah), to be the keynote speaker. Cheryl had asked eight times prior and each time Oprah declined, but this time she said, yes!

Once homeless and hungry herself, Cheryl knows all to well the stigma that goes along with needing help when at your lowest. It was a feeling she did not want others to go through, thus her method of rolling out the red carpet for anyone who comes through her doors. Something she’s done for the last 10 years— and on this particular day—April 3rd, many celebrities and high profile business leaders packed the Omni Frisco Hotel to raise 1.3 million dollars alongside Lady O. 

“Oh my God!” I see her ponytail we heard someone say. Everyone’s adrenaline was up as she got closer and closer. Those covering media was told they would get the opportunity to ask one question, but nothing is a guarantee on the red carpet. Having done our share of elbow to elbow reporting, we know it’s best to be prepared either way. As she approached the media to the right of us, a group quickly started to form to capture all the pictures and video coverage they could get. Thereafter, she proceeded to pass where we were standing—only to stop and turn to look in our direction. Moving toward our awaiting microphones, we quickly introduced ourselves. Is this really happening? Are we this close to Oprah to actually see the color of her eye shadow? Which we believe was green by the way…laughter! Our once in a lifetime moment was NOW! “It was spoken by Cheryl “Action” Jackson you would be here and you are here for the 10th Annual gala…what does it mean to you Oprah Winfrey?”

Her response was a true gem representing the beautiful soul she is to millions. Watch video clip below.

Oprah Winfrey interviews with the Twins of Media, Trisha and Tasha—Videographer: CAllen Photos



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Minnie’s Food Pantry 10th Annual— ‘Feed Just One Gala’ attendees:

Guests included R&B singer Kenny Lattimore, boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, New York Giants lineback, Keenan Robinson, megachurch pastors, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes, John and Aventer Gray, pastor Sheryl and Bishop Joby Brady, NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith and wife Pat. 

Show participants were founder Cheryl Jackson, Oprah (keynote speaker), Emmy nominated actress Roma Downey and husband, Mark Burnett (award-winning television and film producer), both honored with the Minnie Ewing Legacy Award, Joel and Victoria Olsteen (Lakewood Church) as award presenters, Brely Evans, Jan Miller and Jeff Rich, former major league baseball player, Torii Hunter and his wife Katrina (honorary chairs), Grammy award-winning gospel artists, Israel Houghton and Donny McClurkin who performed and Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight hosted the event. 


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