Prince Harry and Meghan’s Honeymoon?

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Honeymoon?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made it official on Saturday, May 19, 2018 where they exchanged wedding vows during an intimate, but widely televised ceremony at Windsor Castle in front of close family, friends and the many people they work with through charitable foundations. The newly named Duke and Duchess of Sussex and also dubbed the power couple of the royals, showed the world just how much they are truly in love and it was definitely felt across the nation. Given what is going on in the world today, it was nice to pause and watch two people profess their love to one another and like the Rev. Michael Bruce Curry said, “Two people fell in love we just showed up.”


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So what’s next for the newlyweds? While a honeymoon seems like the obvious, Harry and Meghan have reportedly postponed their time away—instead opting to get right to work. What will Harry and Meghan’s lives be like in their new roles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex? The couple’s first public appearance post royal wedding will be working with the Queen on Tuesday May 22, for a breakfast event honoring Prince Charles.

Whenever Harry and Meghan decide to go on their honeymoon we are sure it will be just as special as their wedding. Some already speculating the couple will honeymoon in Africa a place that has deep meaning for them because it was in BotswanaAfrica where the two fell in love. We wish the Duke and Duchess an amazing beginning to a beautiful love story

Where do you think Harry and Meghan will spend their honeymoon?



Meghan Markle looked amazing in Stella McCartney alongside her Husband as they head to their wedding reception.




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