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Twins of Media Trisha LaNae’ (l) and Asha LaShae’ (r)

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Much has been going on around our country that affect us all. We continue to pray for the city of Boston in the aftermath of the explosion that took place during the Boston Marathon. Though we may never understand why things like this happen we can all know that there are still wonderful people in this world that rally together through the most challenging times.  Remember that good will always overcome the ills of our society and it is up to each of us to show that our world can be a place of love and joy. In times of turmoil we cling to our family, friends, and loved ones even more.  The reality of tragedies remind us that life is fragile and should be cherised not daily but in moments.

So for this month of our publication we want you to celebrate those moments all throughout your day. Good things may not always happen in a day but there is something good that happens in your day.  Continue to create your moment and rejoice that you are able to do so.   We wish each and every one of you a wonderful month and thank you for spending time with our publication.

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Asha LaShae’ & Trisha LaNae’ ‘Twins of Media’- Founders/Publishers/Editor-in-Chief



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Relationship Question: How much information should you reveal about yourself on a first date?


Charae LaQuenta Ratliff The basics


Chrystal Rivers Mba I hear less is more.




happy-mothers-day_t1We would like to wish all you mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. And for the mothers no longer with us we will forever honor you. ~Blessings

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Stroke Awareness MonthPower to end Stroke







Kierra SheardWe always take my mother and grandmother out to dinner [All of us] I love our family get togethers because we are always on the go or someone is always out of town. We will also shower her with love by giving her gifts! She loves shoes! She loves clothes! I actually already bought her some shoes, hopefully she won’t read this beforehand <laughs>.  I love my mom! She is an amazing woman and I don’t like to just shower my mom with love on what the world calls Mothers Day but I like to do things throughout the weekday to honor my mom.

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Gary OwenComedian and actor Gary Owen loves Houston so much so that he just wrapped up his stand-up comedy at the Houston Improv  recently and he also was in town to support good friend Jalene Mack as comedy workshop presenter for the Black MPAC – Comedy Workshop Breaking into Comedy. Black MPAC takes place through Mack’s organization MPAC – Mack Performing Arts Collective. The organizations mission: Cultivating the interest of performing arts by exposing, educating, and entertaining recently held this workshop to reach out to high school students, college students and those seeking a new career in stand-up comedy.

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