Review: CRYBABY The Play

Review: CRYBABY The Play

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by Charmaine Hudson


I attended the play Cry Baby…silent noise— which premiered in Houston on May 6 at the Encore Theatre. It was such a great show and very informative. The characters were a great example of what people go through every day in regards to mental illness. Here is a background of the play.

Award-winning playwright J.A. Smith and Jacqueline Rudison of IBG Productions collaborated to bring awareness to mental health with Cry Baby, The Play.  The compelling play begins after Jennifer St. James gives birth to her first child. Two months later she’s bombarded by the demands of motherhood, taking care of a husband and the unrealistic expectations of womanhood by her mother in law Carol. Jennifer soon discovers that her life isn’t what she thought it would be.

Finding out she is diagnosed with postpartum depression Jennifer enlist the help of her new friend and neighbor named Wayne who tries to help her get her life back on track. What she doesn’t know is that some people around her are not rooting for her wellness.

Jennifer’s best friend Monica comes off as a confident person but she has problems of her own.  Monica has always dreamed of having a husband and a family but she can’t seem to make it happen. So she will stop at nothing to make sure that having a child comes to pass even if it means taking her best friends place. As the play continues it turns out Monica has hidden secrets about her life that no one knew.  Jennifer finds out Monica not only suffered a miscarriage but is also schizophrenia and manic depressive. In the end, Jennifer tries her best to help her friend but it too late.


May is mental awareness month. More than 43.8 million adults in the United States suffer from mental illness []. So many people suffer in silence because they don’t want people to know they need help.  Let’s honor the month to make sure our loved ones are aware.

Thank you, CRYBABY The Play!  The production brought to light what many suffer in the dark. 



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