Rickey Smiley For Real Season 4 Premiere

Rickey Smiley For Real Season 4 Premiere

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Comedian turned actor, director and host Rickey Smiley returns for the fourth season of his reality TV show “Rickey Smiley For Real.” This season the show covers the changing dynamics as Rickey Smiley works to balance a family of growing, opinionated young adults while expanding his entertainment empire by directing a sitcom and creating/hosting a game show. Here the funnyman shares why his show has begun to resonate with a growing number of male viewers. 


Rickey Smiley had just come from a 100th birthday celebration when he connected with us on the call. It’s something he says he frequently does through his foundation and that is— visit with the elderly.  In this instance, a fan requested him and Steve Harvey. The comedian joked since Steve wasn’t available he had to be there. Rickey then shared how excited he is for season four and the growth of the show.  “To see the kids and how they’ve grown into young adults from the first season to now is something,” he says. And then there’s a funny moment he recalls while taping the new season he’s sure viewers will love.  It is a scene where Rickey finds himself driving his grandfather and another elderly friend to the Golden Coral in a Cadillac. “It was every bit of Aunt Esther, Fred Sanford and Lamont of Sanford and Son,” saying, it was his favorite scene to date because it was funny and so real.


The Roger Bobb (Bobbcat Films) executive produced reality series include Rickey, Brandon Smiley, Aaryn Smiley, D’Essence Smiley, rap star Da Brat and Gary of Dish Nation. Rickey announced longtime friend Ed Lover will be joining the cast this season and Lamar Chase of TV One production says “expect this season to be full of teachable moments.” Rickey agrees as his show continues to focus on him fathering his children while they explore their independence. But it doesn’t stop there with learned behavior— as viewers will see Da Brat go back to the same prison where she was incarcerated in 2011 to speak to the ladies there. As we spoke with Rickey, Da Brat who was also present in the interview along with Roger, Lamar and Brandon, shared it was the support of her family, fans and the cast of the show who helped her to transition from that part of her life to where she is now.  


We asked Rickey why he thinks his show has steadily gained traction with male viewers going into the fourth season? “It’s positive, like the shows we would see some time ago,” he says. “It’s why my brand of comedy has paid off all these years, it’s a clean show with real conflicts.” Rickey continued, “This is the era for fathers to be recoginzed; there are fathers who are getting joint or full custody of their kids and the laws are changing where the courts are becoming fairer to dads man enough to raise their children. On my morning radio show, we share support group information for fathers who don’t know they have certain rights to their kids. And on the reality show, you see me, a dad really trying to go out here and make it so my children are educated. It’s not just me spending money on them but taking them to church and being a real role model. You know, in the kitchen rolling up my sleeves baking a cake or making chicken. It’s the whole parenting instinct where you don’t leave a bad scene unresolved or with anyone walking away mad. It’s just a good show with a good feel. All money ain’t good money meaning we’re not doing extra stuff to get ratings but rather letting the audience grow into who we are and the type of show we present to the viewers.”


This season will also show the comedian’s friends encouraging him to date. Rickey’s response? He wouldn’t mind it so long as his potential mate doesn’t call a certain box of pasta and powdered cheese macaroni n cheese to mean mac n cheese. “It’s so disrespectful,” laughs the comedian. “Macaroni and cheese lets you know an egg is involved, there’s a difference!” 


Well, there you have it. For more of these quips along with real life, moments tune into tonight’s premiere episode.


Rickey Smiley For Real Season 4 Premiere

Rickey Smiley For Real returns to TV One with a hilarious fourth season of laughs, drama and teachable moments on Tuesday, June 13 at 8 p.m. ET.


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