Ronica Jacobs: Transformational Coach Helping Clients To Realize Their Natural Strengths and Abilities

Ronica Jacobs: Transformational Coach Helping Clients To Realize Their Natural Strengths and Abilities

Ronica Jacobs is the founder and lead consultant for Strive Leadership Consulting, LLC. Photo credit: Astor Business Centers



Q: Ronica Jacobs you are the founder and lead consultant for Strive Leadership Consulting, LLC. Please explain what it is that you do?

A: I am a transformational coach that uses my clients’ natural strengths and abilities to help them focus on what they do right. I help them shift their mindset from focusing on weaknesses to focusing on strengths. When we focus on our strengths and what we do right, we unlock our unlimited potential. We are all here for a purpose. Discovering your strengths helps you understand the “WHYs?” in your life. Questions like: Why did I react/respond that way? Why is this important to me, but not someone else? Why do I like this or that? Why did I choose this career? And the list goes on. I provide several coaching packages including a VIP custom coaching program to assist all clients at varying levels of their career with reaching their professional and/or personal goals. We also have a unique community of people called “Strivers” who cheer on each others’ successes. I also coach leaders on how to better understand the members of their team so that they can have a healthy balance of collaboration, cohesiveness, engagement, and productivity. I facilitate team building sessions in half day or full day workshops during team retreats.


Q: As a business leader your focus area is to draw out the strengths and talents of your clients for them to succeed.  

A: How does this way of thinking increase productivity with measurable results? By focusing on our strengths or as I like to call them, “Superpowers,” we cannot fail. Everyone has 5 top strengths they are good at without even thinking about it. It is what comes naturally to them. Some people are strong in Competition, Input, or Deliberative. Others are strong in Woo (Winning Others Over), Empathy, or Achiever. Any combination of 5 strengths is just how each of us is wired. And no two persons are alike. The likelihood of someone having the same top 5 as you in any order of dominance is 1:33,000,000. Now our strengths can also pose potential hazards for us on our jobs and in our personal lives. Some strengths are appropriate for certain environments and others are not. For example, if you are a person who is strong in Deliberative, you would not fit in an environment well that requires you to be quick to make decisions. This environment would be very frustrating for you because you like to take your time and view all the facts before making a decision. Through coaching with me, I help you discover your strengths, understand them, and learn how to apply them by knowing when to dial them up or dial them back. I also teach you how to use your strengths to help you succeed in areas where you were previously weak.


Q: Your eBook: How To Become The Ultimate Goal Crusher in 90 days. Who is your core audience for this read?

A: Many people are unclear of what they actually want to achieve. They make blanket statements like:

“I want things to get better.”

“I wish I had more money.”

“I want a better partner.”

“I want a job that doesn’t suck.”

Those statements are hopes thrown into the wind and scattered right away because they have zero weight. Take the first example, the person states they want things to get better. This statement is heard all the time and if you think back, you may have said it one time or you may have heard someone else say it. The issue with this statement is that it is not clear and concise. There is no way to tell exactly what the person wants to get better. Is it a relationship, a job, or health that they are referring to? In order for clarity to happen, a person needs to define exactly what they want. It is not good to say what they don’t want because of the way the brain operates. The brain will only give more of what you ask for and if it hears the word “don’t,” it believes you don’t want to fix the issue. Instead say the words, “I want and demand that my health is excellent.” This is clarity on what you really want, and your brain will search out ways to make it happen.

This book is for the person who is struggling to complete goals they have set their mind to accomplish. Perhaps you set goals, but somehow, they never come to fruition. There are many reasons for why this happens. My goal is to provide you with a plan to implement any goal and crush it within 90 days and learn how to spot the enemies, procrastination and resistance, when they appear and try to derail you.


Q: What would you say is a misconception people have working with a leadership coach?

A: People believe that a leadership coach will focus on what is wrong with them. A great leadership coach will focus on what is right about you and what works and expound on that. We can only improve what we are naturally good at. If we are constantly trying to fix what we are not as talented in, we are wasting our time and growing frustrations that lead to resistance and burnout. Now, you have to do the work of the coaching program. Your coach is not a magician. In order to achieve results you have to be able to follow directions, resist the temptation to whine or blame, take action, and celebrate any and all successes, no matter how large or small.


Q: How do you incorporate personable interactions with the assessments you provide to your clients?

A: Once a client takes the assessment to discover their Top 5 Superpowers (Strengths), depending on their coaching package level, we schedule weekly coaching calls, I provide a members only web portal with distinct learning modules that assist with the understanding and application of strengths. Members of the VIP Coaching Program receive unlimited scheduled coaching sessions, two-year access to their members portal, and invitations to our events that provide many perks for VIP Clients, such as free registration ($700-$1000 value). You just have to pay for travel and lodging expenses and some meals.  Our VIP Superpower Academy is extremely exclusive, and you have to apply to become a VIP Client. We interview and screen all applicants for our VIP Superpower Academy. For clients who are not a part of our VIP Program, they still receive individualized and personal attention through coaching calls and webinars, but their portal access is limited to their membership period.


Q: What seems to be the biggest factor for people not achieving their goals and how do you get them started to sustain a healthy momentum?

A: The biggest factor is commitment. People have a hard time with resistance. There are many factors prohibiting us from achieving our goals. If you set your alarm clock and then hit snooze, you have just failed at an intended goal before you even get out of bed. So, I address bad habits first and shift my clients’ mindset by using their Superpowers to banish these bad habits that block success. One of my Superpowers is Activator, so I have no problem getting the ball rolling.


Q: Tell us about the coaching classes/workshops that started May 19, at the Astor Business Centers. 

A: Astor Business Centers is a One Stop Shop Business Consulting Firm. If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about opening your own business, they help you from start to finish. I facilitate personal development sessions that assist business owners with the personal side of business. I will speak on first impressions, goal setting, hiring and building effective teams, organization skills, time management, and more.

On my website you can also sign up for our monthly webinars called Strive Courses. Each month we offer a specialized course that focuses on an area of personal development. This month’s course is called “Making Moments.”  This is a webinar about using the moments of your life wisely – about being present in your mind, body, and spirit. We may not have been given a choice in regard to arriving here. We certainly have little control about when we leave. However, in between those two terminal events, we’re free to do largely as we please. We can use our time as we see fit or we can let others tell us how to use it. We can let the routine of the mundane keep time or we can set our own rhythms as we see fit. In short, we can use our time here wisely or we can waste it. People may register here. Even if you cannot sit for the webinar live, as long as you register you will receive a replay link.


Q: What are the next three goals you would like to achieve for yourself and the time frame?

A: The first and immediate goal is to continue to grow my leadership development company this year. The second goal is to begin speaking at colleges and universities in their Career Services Department to offer advice to prepare our next generation of leaders for the workforce. I would like to share experiences and lessons I have learned myself and from other people about having a career that you cannot find in a textbook. Leaders often complain about how different the Millennial generation is in terms of work ethics and decorum, but few are trying to bridge the gap. I would like to help bridge that gap. I was born on the cusps of Generation X and the Millennial generation and mentored and raised by Baby Boomers, so I understand many perspectives. The last goal is to host a week long residential youth leadership camp for students who are ages 13-17 beginning Summer 2020 at Prairie View A&M University. This camp will allow these young leaders to discover their own unique superpowers and become more self-aware to unlock their true potential for college and career readiness.


Q: As a wife and mother of three boys what does quality time with the family look like?

A: We are indeed very busy, but our life is fulfilling. The key is communication and making sure everyone feels valued. We are a strengths based family. Everyone knows their top superpowers. My husband and I know our top 5 and our 9 and 11 year-old know their top 3. We communicate by appreciating everyone’s superpowers and how unique they are. Our nine year old has the superpower of organization. He is a planner, so he completes our monthly calendar and he loves it. We communicate our activities to him and he writes them on the calendar. It makes him feel valued. Our eleven year old has the superpower of competition, so we motivate him in school, behavior, and sports through mini competitions with himself. He loves comparing the results he has against himself. Now our youngest is just a toddler so we have some time before we learn his superpowers. Both my husband and I share the superpowers of achiever and competition. So we enjoy motivating each other and celebrating accomplishments. Our quality time occurs daily because we celebrate and appreciate who we are naturally. And we take a yearly summer vacation. We also have Fun Fridays where we rotate who gets to pick the activity for that evening within a budget. Now there are times when one of our superpowers shows up too much and we have to be encouraged to pull back a bit, but we are human and it happens. But the main way to ensure quality time happens is to understand that you may have to schedule it. Just like you schedule meetings, schedule your fun.


Q: How can readers stay connected and obtain more information about your services?

A: You can visit my website at On our Facebook Fan page called Strive Leadership Consulting, LLC. You may also send an email to and to contact me for speaking opportunities You can receive a copy of my eBook by joining our mailing list, click here. Every Monday I send out some thoughts of inspiration and tips for personal development.


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