Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer Called Racist

Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer Called Racist

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Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer Called Racist for Remarks on Diversity



Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer recent statement addressing workplace diversity has caused critics to label her remarks racist. In an interview with CNN Brewer was asked how she encourages diversity within her company.

“It has to start with top leadership,” Brewer said. “My executive team is very diverse and I make that a priority. I demand it within my team.”

Brewer says she is proud of the fact she mentors women within her company and outside as well. And she actively supports Sam’s Club’s partners to recruit a diversified team. However, a further comment made by Brewer caused many to take offense.

Just today we met with a supplier and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males. That was interesting. I decided not to talk about it directly with [the supplier’s] folks in the room because there were actually no female, like, levels down. So I’m going to place a call to him.

Brewer’s comment implied she was against hiring white males. Though, there are several white men employed on her executive team. In light of the incident, some customers have decided to boycott Sam’s Club saying Brewer is “racist” toward white men. Social media comments from Twitter and Facebook have been vocal with requests for the CEO to correct her statement or resign. “Racism is alive and well in America,” wrote one user. “I will never spend a dime in a Sam’s Club!”

Walmart stands behind Brewers remarks.

“For years, we’ve asked our suppliers to prioritize the talent and diversity of their sales teams calling on our company,” Walmart CEO Doug McMilon said. “Roz was simply trying to reiterate that we believe¬†diverse and inclusive teams make for a stronger business. That’s all there is to it and I support that important ideal.”


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