Sheree Zampino’s Message On Blended Families Is Still Relevant Today

Sheree Zampino’s Message On Blended Families Is Still Relevant Today

Sheree Zampino and Jada Pinkett Smith seen here on Red Table Talk Facebook Live Wednesday May 9, 2018.


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Pretty much everyone is talking about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s new show Red Table Talk seen on Facebook Watch. If you caught the first episode you saw the sit down between Pinkett-Smith and ex-wife of Will Smith, Sheree Zampino. They shared stories of first meeting and shed tears from the growth they both professed to have acquired—only after having worked on themselves for the benefit of Trey, 25, son of Smith and Zampino.

Our introduction to Sheree happened the fall of 2013. She was our cover story where she talked  about her latest business endeavors, then marriage to ex-husband, Terrell Fletcher and of course, the blended family dynamic between her, Will and Jada. Much like what has been talked about this week, Zampino then and now rested on the notion it is about the children and their well-being. Read a little of what she had to say from an excerpt of her interview article then…


The face of blended families…

Sheree says she remembers when Will first started to date Jada. In her moment of transparency, the thought of another woman being around her child was not a comfortable place for her- but she knew it came with the territory, especially after she and Will divorced.  She remembers having an emotional reaction and then realizing she needed to get over it. Her thought thereafter, “It’s not about you!”

“You have to know it’s about the kids now. You had your opportunity with your ex and now it’s about these kids!”  She admits that when her son was going to meet Jada, it was her first knee-jerk moment; her son was going to be around another woman aside from his mom. Facing that reality, she wanted to handle things in the best interest of Trey and had one important request. “The only thing I required of this woman was that she had to treat my son well!”

“When Trey would come home I never grilled him.” Sheree says. When the first visit happened, her son came home excited that he had a good time with Ms. Jada.  She goes on to say that she and Trey gave Jada a gift after that visit. Sheree included a note that read, “Thank you for making a great first impression with my son.”  That was the first interaction between the two of them.

When we asked Sheree how they made their blended family work, she paused for just a brief moment and responded, “You have to keep your issues to yourself.” First of all Trey was a product of divorce so he was dealing with his mommy and daddy not being together, so why would we want to cause more division!” Sheree said she made a choice to allow her child to have the best father he can possibly have and to have the best bonus mother he can possibly have. “You support that and you try to facilitate that!”

We asked her the public’s reaction to their blended family over the years. Her reply, “I’ve heard nothing but positive things, people just feel that we set a standard and told us they looked to us as role models…you know, the whole clan, the Smith’s and Fletcher’s.” I will just put it out there, I would hope that Jada and I would come together and create some type of forum where we can physically speak to women.  Now here’s the thing, it’s not always easy and we have had real moments and then there were moments where she and I missed it!” Most of the time we were able to protect our children from our stuff because you know how we get in our flesh. Jada and I have had words! She adds, but at the time when they initially met, Jada didn’t have any children of her own and the whole thing was just new to everybody.” You have to give everybody grace in their new role.” We were all stumbling through this thing and having the same goal which was the children, but we were going to make mistakes.  Sheree said there were times when both she and Jada had to apologize because they didn’t understand something at the time or they just simply missed it, but they always followed up with an apology. “We were able to humble ourselves because we had a clear goal to raise healthy, well-adjusted, young children and we never lost sight of that goal. We got in our flesh sometimes, but we never lost sight of our goal.”

We mentioned that maybe she and Jada could write a book and Sheree agreed by saying, “That’s one of the things that I hope that we are able to do!”

Half Black and Italian, Sheree reflected on her own childhood by mentioning that her mom and dad never married, but ended up having two children together. She didn’t meet her paternal grandfather until she was 16-years old. While growing up, her dad married and had another child. The beauty that came out of that was her half-sibling was always welcomed in her mother’s home. “Kids are innocent. You can’t take your stuff out on the children.” adding, “My mom was always amazing when it came to children and my dad’s son was always welcome!” And because Sheree grew up with this philosophy, it was easy for her to welcome her son’s brother and sister into her world.  “Jaden and Willow…that’s my son’s brother and sister!”  I have a good relationship with those children. They are family and I am family to them.”  “They call me Ree Ree!”


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