Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook COO Inspires Women To ‘Lean In Together’

Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook COO Inspires Women To ‘Lean In Together’

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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg inspires women to support each other through personal tragedy with her ‘Lean In Together’ campaign. The unexpected death of her husband Dave Goldberg last year changed her world from a complete family unit to becoming a single mom.

“It’s still a struggle,” she shared in a recent interview with Good Morning America. “You know, I miss Dave still. But I know I don’t have any choice other than to keep going.”

Having credited the circle of women friends with helping her through her darkest days Sheryl created Lean In Together so other women can support each other in the workplace and beyond.  The campaign fosters mentorship, workplace ally, positive peer and role model for girls.

 “I keep going because I look deep and find a resilience inside myself … But also because I’m surrounded by the support of a lot of people, a lot of women who have really supported me,” she says.

With 28,000 circles around the world, women have come together in small groups to meet and help each grow. Celebrities like Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington are just a few of the advocates for this movement. Join Sheryl and a host of others to make a difference in the lives of a woman you know.


“Women Accomplish Amazing Things When We Support Each Other”


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