Shonda Rhimes ABC Drama Series ‘For The People’ Interview Exclusive With Actress Jasmin Savoy Brown

Shonda Rhimes ABC Drama Series ‘For The People’ Interview Exclusive With Actress Jasmin Savoy Brown

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We recently had the opportunity to speak with actress Jasmin Savoy Brown about her new role in the Shonda Rhimes, ABC drama series For The People. Jasmin stars as the lawyer Allison Adams, the roommate and best friend of Sandra Bell played by (Britt Robertson). Both characters went to law school together and are now colleagues in the Federal Public Defender’s Office. The background of the show, is that it is based in New York City in the Southern District (The Mother Court) and it follows three prosecutors and three public defenders as they start their legal journey. “All are friends and lawyers who have only been out of law school a couple of years and fans get to follow our lives outside of the courtroom,” says Brown. The premiere episode aired March 13, 2018. 

Brown informs our readers that when we meet her character Allison she is dating Seth, a prosecutor, which is a big no no! Brown says, “My favorite part about playing Allison is despite the fact that fans see her onscreen and in a relationship, she is not not defined by it.” adding, “She is constantly reinventing herself and loves her work and best friend—which I really love because I feel like that is sometimes the case in modern television. You know when someone says, when I was in a relationship and lost my identity, but that is not the case for Allison.

Shonda Rhimes ABC Drama Series ‘For The People’ Interview Exclusive With Actress Jasmin Savoy Brown

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We asked Jasmin Savoy Brown if there was any advice she received from the Shondaland alums? “Darby Stanchfield who played “Abby” on Scandal came to our set once—to watch our show and to shadow director, Tom Verica.” adding, “She didn’t specifically give words of advice, but said to ‘have fun’ as she welcomed me to the ABC family.” Brown continued, “I haven’t really interacted with any of the other lead actors on the other shows, as I am sure everyone is really busy. I know it will happen eventually.”


Did she know she always wanted to become an actress? ” I basically came out of the womb a performer—telling stories, making up dances and entertaining people. When I was eight I saw my first traveling Broadway show and that’s when I knew I wanted to make a career out of acting. I grew up doing all kind of plays and summer camps and musicals. In high school, I worked so I could pay for private acting lessons. I was always making sure I was studying and training at a very young age. At one point, I wanted to go to school for a BSA in musical theater, but it just didn’t work out. I was actually rejected from the schools I auditioned for, but it worked out in the end leading to where I am now.”


Does Brown see herself behind the camera anytime in the future? “Absolutely! That is something I have already thought about. I have been working on my writing for the last couple of years and this year I want to produce and direct something I have written. I definitely want to continue to expand in different areas.”


Advice for those who would like to get into acting? “My advice for someone who wants to break into acting is that you have to keep going even when it’s scary. Let’s say you live in a small town and you want to take an acting class, but you are scared someone is going to make fun of you or you will fail. You just have to go for it! Or, another one is when get that big audition and you’re really intimidated because you think you’ll suck, you have to show up despite your fears. Eventually you will get the hang of it”.


Were there any lawyers in Jamin Savoy Brown’s family who prepared her to play her TV character? “No lawyers in my family. I prepared by doing research online and connected with a lawyer in the Southern District of New York. I Skyped with an actual lawyer who is a lot like Allison. I also read books, watched shows and listened to podcasts.”


You can also see Jasmin Savoy Brown on the Netflix show ‘Love’ season 3. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @JasminSavoy.


For The People also stars Wesam Keesh (Jay Simmons), Ben Rappaport (Seth Oliver), Jill Carlan (Hope Davis), Rege-Jean Paul (Leonard Knox), Anna Deavere Smith (Tina Krissman), Ben Shenkman (Attorney Roger Gunn) and Vondie Curtis-Hall (Chief Judge Nicholas Byrne .



Watch For The People Tuesdays at 10|9c on ABC. 



Photo: ABC



Jasmin is best known as “Evie Murphy” in the critically acclaimed HBO’s drama series ‘The Leftovers’ opposite Justin Theroux and Regina King. Jasmin also recently played series regular character, “Emilia Bassano”, on the TNT drama series ‘WILL’, which told the story of a young William Shakespeare. Emilia was a musician, poet and writer, who went on to become the first female professional English poet and was believed to be the “Dark Lady” of Will’s sonnets.

Jasmin’s additional credits include: Freeform’s ‘Stitchers’, ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, FOX’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, and NBC’s ‘Grimm’. She recently appeared in the film ‘Lane 1974’ and played a supporting role in the Sundance hit film ‘Laggies’.
Raised in Springfield, Oregon, Jasmin is a multitalented performer and is currently working on an album. Jasmin is a proud alum of New York’s CAP21 Conservatory for their prestigious summer musical theatre intensive as well as the Los Angeles ABC Diversity Showcase. Beyond performing, Jasmin is extremely passionate about supporting woman’s rights and the LGBTQ community.  


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