Shun Strickland: Talks Mental Toughness In Business

Shun Strickland: Talks Mental Toughness In Business

Image: Shun Strickland

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Women are on the move like never before! Their voices are being heard in high volume and they don’t have any plans on hushing up anytime soon! There are truly some phenomenal women in various positions in business, like Shun Strickland.


BSM: How did you get your start in business?

Shun: By accident. When my oldest daughter Taylor was in the 8th grade she played basketball and was really good, averaging 18 points a game. She had a really terrible coach who was causing her to lose her love for the game. I started researching mental toughness, read several books and enrolled in classes to get my masters in Sports Psychology. I begin using the strategies I was learning on her, her teammates and my friends in the hair salon. One day while waiting in line at the grocery store a guy behind me started talking to me and somehow I told him about what I was doing and he told me I should be a life coach. I honestly had never heard the term and certainly didn’t know people could be paid for it. I researched different certification, signed up for a program, attended it, got certified and started taking clients. The rest is history.


BSM: What is the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome since becoming a business owner?


Shun: The biggest hurdle has been around pricing. How to charge a price that is beneficial for me and what my ideal clients can afford. A lot of coaches will encourage clients to take out loans and go into debt for coaching but that goes against my core values. I also understand that life coaching isn’t something that women of color have been exposed to. We have typically gone to our pastors or girlfriends for advice. So if the price pushes them too far out of their comfort zone, it doesn’t attract the clients I most want to help. If it’s too, low then I end up feeling like I cheated myself. I have a team of people who help me with pricing. Without them, I’d probably just be running a nonprofit.


BSM: What is the biggest achievement you’ve accomplished with your business?


Shun: I think the biggest accomplishment is being profitable and still around after 8 years. A lot of businesses fail every year. Learning to actually run my passion as a business is my biggest accomplishment.


BSM: What is the best business tip you can give a prospective person who is looking to merge into your field?


Shun:  My advice is get certified and get a coach. Don’t expect people to bare their souls when you haven’t walked through the process of baring yours. Allowing someone to ask you crucial conversations is tough. It’s hard and to really appreciate the courage it takes for your clients to share you need to experience it often.

Shun Strickland: Talks Mental Toughness In Business

Photo courtesy of Shun Strickland



BSM: What advice would you give your younger self about growing up as a woman in this world?


Shun: Trust your gut. If you are going to fail, do so following your dreams and not doing what people think you should do.


BSM:  If you were the first woman president what would be your first order of business?  


Shun: To call both sides together and say, “Let’s work together for the good of the people and stop the elementary bickering.”


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