Sisterhood/ Womanhood?

Sisterhood/ Womanhood?

December 18, 2013

By La Trisha McIntosh


Why is it so hard for some women to celebrate one another?


Ladies, when walking into a room filled mostly with women only to be sized up before opening your mouth to say hello. How did it feel? Why is it that some women behave in this manner?

Like most women, I have been on both ends a few times. However, I am older and wise enough to know that such behavior should be left back in middle school, which leaves me to say whatever happened to uplifting one another, and what about sisterhood, or better yet womanhood? We as women should celebrate not only ourselves but also the distinctiveness of what a woman represents. Together we are stronger but divided we are struggling in a world that is already male dominated, and society opinionated.

Beyonce’, for example, is a woman sometimes criticized by media blogs, forums and etc. mostly by women she beyonce2013_770v3will more than likely never encounter. Why is it so hard for some women to celebrate this woman and all that she has accomplished? Many articles and blogs posted have about 50% supportive comments and 50% negative comments, and I am being generous with the numbers. In regards to the negative comments, it baffles me to know that some women are using their keyboards to spew hate about an individual they have never met. I am not an avid Beyonce’ fan, but as a mature woman, I can celebrate her beauty as well as her gifts and talents. Sisterhood!

There will always be someone prettier, taller, smarter and more successful, but if every woman embraced the unique beauty that the Creator has placed within them, she would see that like all women we are fearfully and wonderfully made *smiles*. So what am I trying to say, “Ladies we can do better!” We are more than gossip, cliques, reality TV fight showdowns and fits of jealousy and rage. Given the ability to bring life into the earth, to nurture, to show love beyond words, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. So if criticized in the future, and vice versa remember that sisterhood can only exist when UNITY is in place.

To all my sisters Xoxo

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