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She is of course Ms. Renee’ Jones-Lee, Founder of Non-Profit Organization Beyond the Court. We caught up with Renee’ during her “kick-off” cocktail reception for the “Winning Women” luncheon held at the Post Oak Motor Cars Ltd. in Houston, TX.  Proceeds from the event went to the Star of Hope Children’s Critical Care Fund.

Mother of  NBA Veteran Guard Damon Jones, Renee’ stands by her belief that life does exist beyond the court and speaks to Beautifully Said Magazine about her partnership with the Star of Hope, Children’s Critical Care Fund,  her “kick-off” and actual events surrounding NBA AllStar Weekend and why she honors NBA mothers.  We applaud Renee’ Jones-Lee for all that she does through her philanthropic work and through her spirit of honoring others.


Beyond the Court1

2013 “Beyond the Court” host committee for the “Winning Women” Luncheon honoring NBA mothers & benefiting Star of Hope! Founded by Renee Jones-Lee (Center), mother to player Damon Jones. Precursor to #allstarweekend!

Photo Courtesy of: Social Media/Alexis “Fly” Jones (Third from the right)


Trisha LaNae’:  Tell me more about Beyond the Court events surrounding NBA AllStar weekend?

Renee’ Jones-Lee: It’s a labor of love. Actually it’s a kick off (prelude) to my “Winning Women” luncheon.  I will have four (4) of my NBA sisters there along with my honorary sister-daughter who is an NBA wife and will be honored on that day.

The luncheon is to benefit the Star of Hope, Children’s Critical Care Fund.  “We are also honoring and lifting up our mother’s because that is where life begins and we need another day next to Mother’s Day to celebrate them!”

Trisha LaNae’: When did you start working with the Star of Hope foundation?

Renee’ Jones-Lee: I started working with the Star of Hope in 2008 because there was a need they had for diapers. I did a city wide diaper drive and surprised the foundation with a year’s supply of diapers. “It’s been a partnership thereafter.”

Trisha LaNae’:  What is your organizations goal for this year?

Renee’ Jones-Lee: The goal for this year is to raise the platform and make sure that the mothers are honored and to let people know that life ends and begins beyond the court. –Renee’ speaking of honoring NBA mothers and their reach beyond the careers of NBA offspring’s

Trisha LaNae’: Thus, the name of your organization Beyond the Court.

Where can followers receive more information about your organization?

Renee’ Jones-Lee: They can go to our official site:

Trisha LaNae’: Thank you Renee it’s been a pleasure!

Renee’ Jones-Lee: Thank you.

Renee' Lee-Jones (2)

Trisha LaNae’ (l); Renee’ Lee-Jones (c); Asha LaShae’ (r)

Photo Credit: Sandra Evans Short



Check out Renee’s website for the latest information surrounding NBA AllStar Weekend and her upcoming events benefiting the Star of Hope.


Beyond the Court is a Houston, Tx based 501(c)(3) non-profit  organization that was formed by Renee’ Jones-Lee, mother of NBA Veteran Guard  Damon Jones. Our goal  is to be a giving model for charities in the Greater Houston  area and to be a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves.

We started the organization with a   distinct vision to  enhance the quality of life for people as an eminent resource for social service organizations regardless of the age, race, or economic status of the people we serve.

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