Star-Studded Ed Gordon Special Features Cast of ‘Girls Trip’ and More

Star-Studded Ed Gordon Special Features Cast of ‘Girls Trip’ and More

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Ed Gordon doesn’t think his style of interviewing celebrities has changed any since social media. The award winning journalist says, “I don’t believe social media makes you change your style; it just allows different outlets.” Gordon points out that because of social media celebrities are able to side step an interview (so to speak) if they are uncomfortable discussing something; also they’re able to control their image and story a bit more, he adds.

Gordon comes from a time in journalism where a story was a story without a constant injection of one’s opinion. He’s thoughtful not to disregard today’s journalists inasmuch as just acknowledging that times have changed in an industry where he’s seen those who were once journalists no longer remain. “All I’ve ever tried to do is be fair in my conversation with people,” Gordon shares.” Interviews like the one with O.J. Simpson right after his acquittal or that of the late Tupac Shakur who’s movie (All Eyez on Me) recently hit theaters 20 years after his death. Gordon says the reason why he thinks people still sit down with him as opposed to others is that he has always delivered the story in the way it was told.  It doesn’t mean he will not ask a hard question or press for more information but again, he says whatever was delivered to him on the day of the interview is what he presents to the viewers. In all, he says, “social media allows you to get some of the soundbites out earlier or push the envelope in terms of reaching more people but, the style of energy doesn’t have to change because of it. 

Star-Studded Ed Gordon Special Features Cast of 'Girls Trip' and More

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One of the other things we asked Ed Gordon is what is the one technique he would never compromise on the show or in general? To which he responded, “I don’t think enough interviewers listen, people come in with ten questions and they’re going to ask those ten questions no matter what…and so if an interviewer sat across from a person who is accused of murder and they say, ‘I did it!’ and if that were question 3—they (the interviewer) would go right into question 4, and never realize the nugget they just got.”  Gordon stresses for any journalist to come in prepared but most importantly to listen! “Listening is so very important!”

Star-Studded Ed Gordon Special Features Cast of 'Girls Trip' and More


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His new show airs on July 17th. It will be the third episode of the news magazine Ed Gordon. The lineup features a host of celebrities from the cast of ‘Girls Trip,’ Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish—the four ladies speak with Gordon about the importance of black women in Hollywood today; D.L. Hugley and Cedric the Entertainer talk about the death of Charlie Murphy (who was on the same tour as Hugley and Cedric—The Comedy Get Down Tour) and the comedians also touch upon comedy in the age of the Trump Administration; Michael Strahan is also a part of the lineup and speaks with Gordon about the second chapter of his life in an already stellar career, as he explains how he’s navigated from Super Bowl champion-turned broadcaster; and rounding out the interview talent, actor Omari Hardwick who can be seen on one of the hottest shows “Power” on the Starz network. Hardwick shares with Gordon how he’s handled fame through social media when some not so nice comments were made of his interracial marriage to wife Jennifer Pfautch. It’s a lineup Gordon says is “light and all celebrity driven this go round.” Gordon reminds us he tries to do more than just sit down and talk about people’s latest project. “I try to get something deeper or something more personable than other interviews,” he says. Something he’s done from the onset of his successful career and more recently on his very first show in 2016 where he sat down with Mother’s of The Movement in what he called “defining television.” There were close to a million viewers at the first airing of that show where the segment also included Nate Parker who was then pushing his film “Birth of a Nation,” amid the controversy of his personal life and singer-songwriter Maxwell who at the time was on tour promoting his latest album. Gordon’s second show dealt with the aftermath of the Presidential election and exactly what it meant for the country. “Think of the show in the same manner as Dateline or 60 Minutes,” says Gordon who adds, “I’ve been very pleased with the feedback from our viewers. 

Star-Studded Ed Gordon Special Features Cast of 'Girls Trip' and More

Photos: Bounce—Cast of “Girls Trip (t) and Comedians D.L. Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer


What’s next for Ed Gordon News? In September he’ll speak with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Steve Harvey, Grammy Award-winning Jazz singer Gregory Porter, Blackish star and Harvard bound Yara Shahidi. Gordon will also present a discussion about Flint and why the city is still going through a water crisis. The month of December, Gordon’s show “Am I Black Enough” will take an in depth look at who defines Black. 


Star-Studded Ed Gordon Special Premieres Mon. July 17 at 10:00 p.m. (ET) on Bounce

Guests: Omari Hardwick, Queen Latifah, Michael Strahan, Jada Pinkett Smith,

Cedric The Entertainer, D.L. Hughley & More


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