Tamela Mann Releases New Album “One Way”

Tamela Mann Releases New Album “One Way”

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David and Tamela Mann are a dynamic married duo on the go. In fact, the last time we caught up with them was this past summer to discuss Tamela’s upcoming album where they  spoke with us while enjoying a car ride headed to their next collaborative adventure .

The album One Way released today is music synonymous with Tamela’s brand . It’s her fourth studio album and she delivers yet again powerfully inspirational songs fans have come to love and rely on to get them through the tough days.

“One Way is a message of hope and encouragement,” says David Mann. adding, “It’s telling the people, Don’t give up!”

Along with music and comedy, the stars of Mann & Wife on Bounce TV have made their family life the focal point in many of their projects; their blended family often a muse for many of the funny episodes the fans enjoy on the small screen. The Mann’s mentioning they are usually stopped after performances to answer questions from those who want to know how to navigate the challenges of a blended family— to which David informed us they have a marriage ministry to discuss those very concerns.

And how do these two get along on the road?

“It’s exciting, it’s one on one time where you can have more of an understanding about a lot of things that you may not necessarily talk about in a public setting like going to dinner or the movies,” says Tamela. David comically adds, “unless you plan on fighting the entire car ride then it’s not fun. Right?

We agree, David. And the Mann’s continue to live their lives in the order of God, marriage, family and business. We’re family, the two of them told us before we ended the interview. We just love these two!


ONE WAY Available Today!



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