Tera Carissa: Helping People to Live Life Redefined

Tera Carissa: Helping People to Live Life Redefined

Tera Carissa Hodges enjoys being of service to all mankind. An empowerment champion through her speaking, media appearances, coaching, and mentoring, helping people become empowered despite their past and mistakes is her passion. She enjoys serving the community through outreach initiatives and organizations she supports. Photo: Tera Carissa


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What does your business exist to accomplish and who does it serve?


Life Redefined is all about helping people redefine their lives to live their best lives. Primarily a favorite amongst women 18-45, teens, more mature women, and men have been served through Life Redefined via coaching, products, services, empowerment conferences, and more as well. Whoever Life Redefined can serve, I am happy to help.


What is a major business goal for you in 2018?
2018, has been phenomenal so far with successful international webinars and conferences already held this year in Lagos and Barbados, plus 2 upcoming international conferences in May in Exuma and Nassau, Bahamas. My goal is to continue to launch international conferences, as well as add to the more traditional business legs of Life Redefined such as media, marketing, and advertising. 


Who or what inspires you to live your best life?
I am constantly inspired by the vision I have for my future. I am my competition. I am my inspiration.


What has entrepreneurship done for you?
Entrepreneurship has more than tripled my income, expanded my global visibility and influence, as well as given me more freedom of my time and calendar. It’s not always easy. Time management is everything. But, it’s worth it!


As an entrepreneur what have you had to sacrifice to make this business work?
Initially, you sacrifice predictability. If you are a person that likes to know what every day holds, and the exact amount of your paycheck each pay period, entrepreneurship will be an opportunity for growth for you. No day is the same, and every paycheck is different. That’s inspiring to some and frightening to others. For me, it’s a benchmark I aim to meet and beat.


What motto do you live by? 
Laughs! My 6th grade DARE motto: Good, better, best, never let it rest until the good gets better and the better gets best!


What advice would you give someone desiring to quit their job to become an entrepreneur full time?
Plan ahead. Don’t just jump. Strategize, prepare, research, plan. Have a savings in place—something to fall back on, clients already in the pipeline, a great reputation, and a passion to keep going when you want to quit. 



To connect with Tera online visit: www.teracarissa.com


Source: Jessica Taylor/The Miz CEO Entrepreneurial Brand


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