The Business of Eva Marcille

The Business of Eva Marcille

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Eva Marcille_Beautifully Said Magazine_March_April 2016Who would expect a former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to build a luxury container community right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Well, If you’re Eva Marcille you’ll say it’s a natural transition toward the life she shares often on camera with her family and close friends. Proving she’s more than a pretty face, but one who is definitely about the business.

“BET is the best,” says Eva as she talks about the history of working with the cable network. Her new docu-series About the Business, is another venture that ties her to a place she calls home. “BET allows my friends and me to be ourselves and the world gets an inside look at how we live, how we fight and how we do what we do,” she says explaining how it’s an actual account of her real life.

The woman many of us know from the third cycle of ANTM didn’t always see a future in entertainment. In fact, the goals she had for herself involved becoming a lawyer. Yes, the sassy model with the short blond hair who would go on to win the competition was once headed to Vanderbilt Law School. “I certainly had a lot of dreams and aspirations for myself in law, but where I landed in entertainment is not something I planned but God planned for me a long time ago,” she says reflecting on the turn of events which led her on a different career path.

In Eva’s personal life she seems not to have gotten too far away from the legal sector. Revealing that she’s currently dating someone in politics. She mentioned no names, but we asked if this relationship has influenced her to one-day study law again? She laughs and responds, “I have been in entertainment for a while and I had a love for the justice system and politics prior to him,” but no, though, “he definitely makes my every day now a lot better.”

A regular on “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and the scripted show “Born Again Virgin,” Eva is plenty busy and she’s enjoying it all! “I am so fortunate to be on both shows. It’s fun and my cast mates are an absolute blast!” she says while mentioning again her love for the BET network. “One of the first shows I ever produced was a family show and to go from there and now film a docu-series with my best friends…is great!” adding, “I’m tired but blessed.”

The thing Eva says she likes most about her new show is the fact that fans get to see her next big career venture on camera. “The process of creating our dreams in a different manner other than an article or in magazines is good. It’s surprising.”

So what exactly is Eva’s next big venture? It involves working with her mother, who is recently retired and who Eva says, “Is definitely about the business.” It’s where a lot of her personality comes from.  The company Eva and her mother created together is in Real Estate, but it’s not just your regular homes or flipping houses. They came up with a concept  to create a home development company called Mameth, a business that is sustainable, financially rewarding and out of the entertainment realm. It focuses on everything from retail space, simple living to luxurious homes which is Eva’s favorite part. She enjoys the process of repurposed shipping containers basically customized into dream homes for a fraction of the cost. “It’s so much fun not only working with my mom but to see our concepts rendering ideas of mine such as what an amazing kitchen can look like. It’s so rewarding!”

Eva’s new business is a two-fold model. One side is non-profit which helps to revitalize the downtown Los Angeles with its displaced 17,000 people and she’s also connected with an organization called Midnight Mission to help with the problem. “We are basically creating dwellings, multiple dwelling housing for the homeless people in the L.A. area where we try to get them to live somewhere that’s sustainable and renewable,” she says highlighting the need to help the community. Then there’s the other side of her company which attracts young millennials who want to make a life for themselves but don’t want to spend 10 million on a dream home. “So, you come to me and give me 3 million and I will give you the same dream home,” she explains is the benefit for her clientele.

But in all that Eva does in both entertainment and entrepreneurship, nothing compares to family. “My daughter is my number one. It takes a village to raise a child. I do the best I can. And I work really hard to be a great mom and role model,” but… “In order for my career to continuously flourish, I must say it is the help of my friends and family [my mother above all] who really help me balance from my personal life in entertainment.”

And what is that most people don’t know about Eva Marcille?

“They will just have to tune in to see. You’ve never seen me like this before [on About the Business] so I must say…you have to watch!


About the Business airs on BET, Wednesday 10P|9C


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