The State of the Black Family

The State of the Black Family

Financial Parent Sheena Robinson: Know your history. It is important that children know where they come from, who their relatives are, what your family stands for, and your expectations of them to continue the family legacy. Photo: Shutterstock


by Sheena Robinson


Things are starting to change for the black community.  With the new movie, Black Panther, African American people have reawakened to see their true greatness.  To some people it was just a movie and for others it took on a deeper meaning.  What I took away the most was the forever popular topic of financial injustice.

We live in a world where money has divided the way we see people, how relationships stay together, how we feel about ourselves, and has caused many parents to leave their kids behind because they have become more consumed with making money.

As an African American woman, I can attest to how money has often caused destruction all around me.  I have seen women lose who they are because they didn’t make enough, and they felt they needed a man even if he treated her wrong to survive.  I have seen the single mom struggle to make ends meet and miss the opportunity to attend events at school for their children.  I have seen how the black man has been left behind after receiving a felony and can’t find a decent job to take care of his family.  I have seen children envious of others because they had the latest shoes and their life be taken.

I ask myself, “When will we wake up and take responsibility for our households?” Within the movie, Black Panther they would often call on the ancestors.  It led me to realize many of us don’t know the power of our bloodline. In becoming a solid financial parent, there are some things you must know how to do to help each generation continue to get better long after you are gone.


  1. Know your history. It is important that children know where they come from, who their relatives are, what your family stands for, and your expectations of them to continue the family legacy.  A lot of the crime we are seeing today is because many young people don’t know the power they have inside to create their own generational wealth without taking from others.  Many children today don’t understand the value of working for what they want.  On the flip side, we must ask ourselves as parents are we helping show them the way.


  1. Know your inner greatness. Many people are hanging on to past hurt and pain that has delayed many things in their lives.  They have low self-esteem.  Many women still compare light skinned and dark-skinned, long hair and short hair, natural or straight, weave and no weave, fat and skinny.  We tear each other down rather than build each other up.  With young men, many of them are set up for failure before they graduate high school because of the depictions in the media. 


We must constantly let our children know they are beautiful and we love them.  Many fathers have left the household causing many women to feel they have to do everything on their own and become as many have termed as a “Independent woman.”  Because of Daddy not being in the home both girls and boys are at a higher risk of not living out their greatness. Although life has led us into an unfavorable situation, we must make sure we are speaking positive affirmations over our children if we want to break these generational curses.


  1. Know how to introduce your children to different things. To do this successfully, you must be in tune to what your child is good at. If they like music, see if they like playing an instrument or singing.  If they like talking, they may be your next President.  By starting them out in public speaking now, you are helping cultivate their gift.  We must show our children the way.  We can no longer let the media tell our children who they are. We have become more concerned with making money rather than saving people’s lives.


  1. Know how to teach your children how to overcome adversity. This is so important many of the suicides, school shootings, and fights in school are happening because we are not talking to our children.  We are not teaching them healthy conflict management.  It will not go away if we don’t address the issue.  It is sad when innocent people are afraid to go to school or even to the movies.  We must be involved in what is going on in our children’s personal lives.


  1. Know how to give back to the community. Becoming a successful financial parent involves teaching your children how to have sympathy for others.  Teach them how to give back to their communities rather it is giving back their time, money, or talent.  When children learn how to give to others, it helps them to become less selfish.  They begin to see how they can make an impact in the lives of others.


By teaching your children these “Know Hows”, you are well on your way to building a solid future for your family.  By acting now, you improve your chances of having a great influence in your children’s lives.  Even if you have made mistakes in your past with your children, your willingness to start now will show them you care and inspire them to Dream Big. I truly believe there is still hope for the black family.  I believe Oprah said it best, “A new day is on the horizon.”


I HAVE A D.R.E.A.MSheena Robinson, The Financial Parent Consultant, is a certified financial educator, certified life coach, entrepreneur, empowerment speaker and author of Financial Parenthood: The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid.  She is the founder of Diva 4 Wealth LLC, an organization dedicated to helping women become more financially savvy.  She is also the founder of Financial Parent Academy, a 501(c)3 organization committed to helping parents and children with financial success.  To contact Sheena, you may email her at

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