Too Fabulous for Cancer

Too Fabulous for Cancer

Founder and CEO of Boss Lady United: Niya Matthews is a Breast Cancer Survivor Giving Back to the Community



Your story is a personal one as it relates to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You have been a survivor since age 27. How were you able to make it through the diagnosis toward total recovery?

The first diagnosis I was not prepared. I was young and felt alone and ashamed. After speaking with a Support group at Emory Hospital— in Atlanta, GA., and attending my local church, I later realized I was not alone. They taught me how to pray more, meditate, and write my thoughts in a journal.


Do you encourage young women to self-exam and get check-ups as early as in their twenties?

Yes. I definitely encourage young women to self exam at an early age. I found my lump doing a home exam.
Women ages— 15 to 39 are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. more and more everyday.


You have always been involved in charitable giving and humanitarian work well before your diagnosis. Why is it so important for you to give back?

I have been working with low income families mostly, young women since 1999 in my line of work. I was raised on how important it was to sow good seeds and to bless the less fortunate. I make it my business to empower, motivate, and encourage young women seeking to find a successful path and direction— no matter what obstacles they have been faced with.


Are there a number of resources available for low-income families where women can go to get mammogram screenings, from state to state?

Yes. There are list of mammogram clinics for low income families by visiting this link:


Tell us about “Too Fabulous for Cancer” Charity Mixer— by Boss Lady United that you recently hosted in Atlanta, GA.

Too Fabulous for Cancer Charity Mixer was created to help breast cancer patients currently receiving treatment or just completing treatment to feel FABULOUS again. We are donating services such as: makeup, hair, manicures, pedicures, and a professional photo shoot. The road to recovery can be a very dark moment in your life and sometimes you loose sight on how pretty you are. During my cancer treatments, I worked and stayed “dolled up” and no one knew I had cancer. I would walk in the cancer center dressed to the tens, and my nurses would all look at me and smile. I told them “If you look good, you feel good!” And that’s how I remained during my battle over cancer…Too Fabulous for Cancer! 



If you could be the universal voice in the fight for Breast Cancer. What message would you convey to all?

If I were the universal voice, I would say… Breast Cancer does not have an age. You are not exempt. Become more aware of the changes in your body and make it your life decision to get checked annually. Become proactive instead of reactive.


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October 28, 2014

By La Tasha Taylor



BossLadyUnited3Niya also assists in Community Outreach projects and Healthy Kids First alongside her husband— Former Super Bowl Champion for the Green Bay Packers, Eric Matthews. She sits on the Board of the Eric Matthews Youth Foundation 501-3c and E-Matt Athletics that helps kids fight obesity.

For more information about Founder- Niya Matthews and her “Too Fabulous for Cancer” cause visit:

Connect @bossladyunited



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