Tristen Sutton: Entrepreneur Helping Clients ‘Build A Brand That Brings Business’

Tristen Sutton: Entrepreneur Helping Clients ‘Build A Brand That Brings Business’

Tristen Sutton is the owner of a consulting firm and insurance agency in Houston. Photo credit: Roy Twymon



Who is Tristen Sutton?

I’m an entrepreneur that runs two businesses in Houston, TX. An insurance agency and consulting firm that helps small businesses “Build A Brand That Brings Business.”


Tell us about the upcoming Ads YOUniversity Course and why people should attend?

I believe that every entrepreneur that has a target market that is on the Facebook platform, which is almost every business, then they need to be using Facebook Ads to strategically expose their brand to them and generate qualified leads. The problem is that using Facebook Ads successfully is complicated and take a long time to learn. I shorten that learning curve with Ads YOUniversity where I teach entrepreneurs everything they need to know to use Facebook Ads to start growing their brand and their business.


What would you say is the one thing that stops people from investing in their business and how do you get them to see the value in it?

Fear of the unknown. Being a business owner is challenging and there are new things thrown at us each and every day and the fear of not knowing if this “new thing” will work or fear of wasting time and money causes paralysis by analysis and we default to what we already know even if it’s not yielding the results that we desire.


We often ask women this question, but how do you balance home and your professional life?

I involve my wife as much as I can and stay consistent with the message that WE are building our future together so she feels vested and involved. It’s easy for your wife to sacrifice you being dedicated to your entrepreneurial endeavors when they fully understand your “why” and can see the big picture.


For people who don’t know, you provide plenty of Facebook laughs in your posts. How important is it for entrepreneurs to engage their followers beyond what they do in business?

Social media is a “contact sport” and if you aren’t contacting (engaging) with your tribe, or target market, then you’re missing your opportunity to connect with them that helps them Know, Like, & Trust you. Engagement is the blood flow of social media. If people just wanted to see pictures and read they could go to Google images or read a magazine. People get on social media to be “social”. So engage with your audience to create opportunities of connection.


A favorite place you and your wife last traveled?

We were blessed with an opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas last year and it was one of the best trips of our lives because we sat around and did absolutely nothing! Literally we just sat around the condo that we rented and didn’t check social media, email, text. We just enjoyed each other and enjoyed recharging our batteries.


Why is it important for entrepreneurs to get plenty of rest and relaxation? 

Entrepreneurs need to take time to recharge their batteries and unplug from the Matrix to recalibrate and realign their energy with their focus. 


Where can people register for the upcoming course and also follow you on social media? 

Ad YOUniversity Course—Saturday, April 28th, 11am-3pm   Instagram: @tristenesutton
Tristen Sutton
CEO, Tristen Sutton Consulting, LLC.
Branding & Marketing Strategist | 281-766-0814
Building Brands That Bring Business
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