Wynter Patterson: Author of “I Am A Pearl: Praying With Power” On How To Be Intentional With Your Prayers

Wynter Patterson: Author of “I Am A Pearl: Praying With Power” On How To Be Intentional With Your Prayers

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Tell us about your new book I Am a Pearl: Praying With Power.

I Am a Pearl: Praying With Power is a follow-up to the first book. The first book I Am A Pearl: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Her Pain, Process, and Purpose was written to help to overcome painful setbacks and situations we face in life and to live our best lives. One way we live our best lives is if we really understand prayer and the power of prayer. This current book takes further steps into the healing process in understanding prayer and how to really connect with God in an intimate way— and how much of a difference it will make in your life as you continue on and go through situations. 


What is your goal or message for the I Am a Pearl Ministry?

The message for I Am a Pearl is about healing and understanding your value. I believe I have been called to help women overcome painful situations by emotional healing and understanding their worth. Once we get those things down—healing and understanding your worth, we’re able to live happier and healthier lives. The truth of the matter is you can’t get past problems until you understand who you are and who God says you are. Being able to heal from half of the things that have been done to you is when you can truly live an awesome life.


Is your book written just for women?
Yes. However, I have had some men to read the book and they said they didn’t feel singled out (Laughter)— but of course, as an author, you have to know your audience and mine is women ages 18-65. I also got a lot of traction with teens. They have been able to handle the content and the things I present in this book to grown women. It’s gone beyond young adults to teenagers as well. 
What is the difference between praying and praying with power?

Very good question. Praying with power is more about being intentional with your prayers. There’s no magic thing you do and God hears it immediately. That would be false and totally not biblical. It’s when you are intentional in your time with the Lord and intentional about your practice of prayer; including the elements of prayer that Jesus taught. That’s when you’re praying with power. When you begin to incorporate things like worship into your prayers or bible reading that’s when you really tap into something special and intimate with God. That’s where you get power! 


How do you reach people with limited faith to let them know prayer changes things?

A couple of things: The first is most believe in some form of prayer or meditation. I have a friend who doesn’t fully believe in God but she does meditate. That’s a start. If you can get someone to focus or meditate on a higher power and begin a daily habit—sometimes the Lord has a way of easing into that safer space to teach and develop your level of faith. I encourage meditation or prayer even if your faith is not strong because that’s the beginning. The second thing is to just try it. For people who say, “I’m just not really big on prayer,”…I talk about this in the first couple of chapters; Why do you pray or here are the benefits of it. What I’m really trying to do is let people know who have limited faith to just give (prayer) a try. I have a part in the book that’s called a “Prayer Surge” and it’s even part of the title; I Am a Pearl: Praying With Power + Prayer Surge.

Prayer Surge is making a commitment to a certain amount prayer for a certain amount of time. So I encourage people to say, I m going to go two-weeks for 10-minutes a day and just see what happens. Some people may go one hour or 30-minutes a day but the commitment is up to you. I believe if you commit to a prayer surge (I have seen in my own life and just through psychology) this will develop some habits where God will put some supernatural stuff on top of it and you’re able to see some fruit and stay there. It’s such a good idea to incorporate your Bible reading into your prayer time. What I found out is when I’m praying it’s me speaking to Him and when I’m reading the bible He’s speaking back to me giving me the answers. 

Wynter Patterson: Author of "I Am A Pearl: Praying With Power" On How To Be Intentional With Your Prayers

I Am a Pearl: Praying With Power by Wynter Patterson



How has your life experiences allowed you to write this book and can you share a time when your prayer life shifted?

Absolutely! This is by far my most personal book yet. With my first book, I kind of skimmed through some experiences giving a little insight into heartbreaks. I went through a divorce about three years ago. It was everything that I fought against and it was very painful for me. It wasn’t one of those stories where it was like, “Okay, I’ve had enough…I’m walking away.” It was more so being brokenhearted and blindsided. Through the healing, I had to relearn the message of the pearl and the power of prayer. When God is all that you have you really learn Him in a way that you never have. For me, I decided to press in. Some people when they go through things they shut down and they don’t want to deal with God. I decided to press into His presence like I never have before. Even through disappointing times, I didn’t want to pray and going through the divorce and having to lean on God transformed my life in a way where I had to share this message—to get more people praying and to see the power of it. It’s been an awesome experience! God has shown me Himself in ways I’ve never seen. He has restored everything I’ve lost. It’s just been a wonderful time with God.   


Your advice to women hurting in relationships?

My main message to women is that nothing in your past or present diminishes your value. Oftentimes, we go through things and feel less worthy or ashamed. There is absolutely nothing that takes away from the fact God called us pearls of great value. If you just tap into God and use your personal power of prayer and meditation you can get through anything. I am a living witness. I really felt like my divorce was the end of my ministry and career for a second. How can I talk to women when my house had fallen apart? But God showed me this is all ministry. Letting me know…This is how you can relate to someone who’s really broken because you have been broken. That’s the transforming power of understanding your worth and who God says you are. 


Who is in your circle that replenishes you to continue ministry work?

I have a very strong support system. Part of it would be my church home The Upper Room. I came here right after the divorce. I stayed at Higher Dimension (my previous church) for as long as I could but I really felt the Lord was calling me out. I got to the Upper Room and met Pastor Christian and when I told him who I was and what I had just gone through and what I could offer in ministry, his response was, “Just rest.”  And that when I was ready there will be opportunities. Long story short…I came into a community where I could rest, heal and replenish. Thereafter God gave me the unction that I was ready for work. The church began to push on me and love me and really promote the things I was doing. I have a church family who is super supportive of everything I do which is just priceless. Of course, I still have my mom who is my number one ministry supporter.  So I thank God for her!


Promotional plans for the book? How can people stay connected?

I’m promoting the I Am a Pearl tour. Please check my website for the itinerary. To stay connected you can find me on Instagram @ Wynter Patterson.  


Thank you, Wynter for sharing such a powerful message!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your platform!


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